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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The moment of 'hands down!'

Somehow I have this feeling that many women know this moment. It can happen at any place, if your dominant partner decides to, though my favourite memories of 'hands down' are always from the bedroom. Probably because we do a lot of things in the bedroom. My memories mostly refer to sessions when Master used 'hands down' as a short command when I was about to use my hands, just because I was not bound and could not keep still in the heat of the moment. I don't want to go into detail here, but for me it is difficult to keep my hands down and away from him, especially when he is already half or completely naked and maybe his private parts are close because you kneel right in front of them and they would be easy to touch ... all you have to do is raise your hand ....'Hands down!' that's what I am going to hear next, then.
Master knows that this could happen easily to me. Not this week so far, but that's because I am a good girl ...well, maybe because I have been chastised and therefore I am very compliant and behave better than ever. But whenever I hear that command, it touches me deeply. It creates many different things in me. First, there is his voice, which I love, and when he sounds strict, I just cannot do anything but obey and enjoy this feeling of obedience. Then there is the anticipation. You know that you cannot do anything, because you would evoke the partner who is willing to punish you, or maybe just deny an orgasm, for misbehaving. This does not bother me too much, if we only talk about one evening and you are not already too horny. Sometimes you can breathe away a lot of emotion, not always though (speaking from personal experience; beware).
Next there is confusion, which I think is a mix of being horny, anticipating, maybe your expectations of what might happen to you, if you have been a good girl, and of course, what am I going to do with these currently pretty useless hands. If you touch yourself, all is ruined, no pleasure, only pain, because that is an a b s o l u t e    n o - g o  ! I have done that once and regret it to this day. Master has taught me the fast and painful way, from the bottom to the brains, never ever to touch myself without permission. And he knows that I remember that punishment, because it comes up now and then during  our talks and he has this devilish grin then, but he is also proud of me, because I have learned that lesson so extremely well. I'd rather go for a year without sex than break this rule again.
Ok, so where do you leave your hands? If you have clear instructions, like rest them on your thighs, fine. But what if you are too woozy from what has already been done to you? I for one can only focus up to certain point and then emotion and instinct take over for most of the ride ... 
Try to combine all that into one feeling --> a lot of confusion. But this is not an unpleasant feeling in that moment. I think somewhere anticipation prevails and also this willingness to play along up to the wonderful ending that might happen to you. 'Hands down' said in the right moment is also part of my triggers, probably only because of the voice and tone, but it works. It can be part of a major avalanche where all pleasant sensations drop down on you and you are buried under a phenomenal experience that lets you feel like being sent to heaven.
'Hands down' without the other parts of being together in an intimate moment is not enough, of course, but it creates part of the atmosphere and helps me to be in the perfect mood to let all things happen and do all that Master wants. For you, it might be another phrase or another moment that creates similar reactions, and it does not have to be a session at all. This is something that does not only happen in a D/s-setting. I know that it also works perfectly fine without that, just in bed or any other place, together with your partner who shows his dominance and exerts this quality on you. This ability creates wow-moments, where I am left speechless, for me it is part of this never ending supply of pleasure  that comes along with being able to let go and leave all control in the hands of your partner. It is marvellous.

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