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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Another mixed bag

Long time no see! ... And I am sorry for that. Over the last weeks so many things have been going on in the family and some of it left me too confused to do more than comment in other blogs. So, this is a report of some of what has been going on lately.

My Granny

The good news first. Granny is getting better, we think. Finally we could go and see her last week. And she is at home, too. :) We had to wear face masks, but who cares about that. She is getting better, though at the moment she looks weak and thin and older than before. :( But this will be better soon, I hope, and she had a good day and was happy, when we could see her, hug and just s e e her. You know, the best about being with granny was that she was so obviously happy to be with us and that she had a rather practical way of talking about chemo and all the things that are simply part of it. And then we could go over and talk about family, which is just like her. I cannot express this any better, because it is her way of coping and looking forward to better times. She does it like ‘enough about the illness, let’s talk about something important. How is Tilda doing?!’ If she had not mentioned Tilda (never fails to brighten me up :)   ), I would have bawled my eyes out immediately, because she is so open and heart-warming, she simply doesn’t want us to feel bad for her. Wow. Ha, but throughout the last week we have been there almost every day and Tilda could finally be there too. Not for long, we can only make short visits, but that’s ok for Granny. And better times are ahead, I think. Thank you for all the positive and healing energy and all the prayers for my granny. I love you for doing this for her and I know they help granny, thank you!!!! :)


I am still waiting for Tilda’s first tooth. I thought it would be out, but no, she keeps us waiting, though it cannot be long I think. She has had some nights when she was rather restless and it was not the silly cold. We are done with that for now and could enjoy doing some long walks in a nearby natural reserve, could even have playdates, sort of. They were more like two little ones rolling on the floor dates, but it was quality time with a friend. 
Haha, Tilda has had her first spoons of solid food!  Well, we tried, but actually I had underestimated her quick hands. She grabbed the spoon most times and Tilda and I had more food on our clothes and around her face than ever reached her mouth. It is a major step for us, she is still breastfed and will be for months, but soon the natural contraception that I had because of full time nursing, will be over. :)
Yesterday and today (Saturday) we had our baby group and baby swimming too, it was just a lot of fun and we enjoyed it so much. Everything is back to normal, Tilda loves the water and she is still always surprised when she splashes around and some of the drops hit her face. First, surprised face, then smile. When I play along and am surprised by the drops, she can’t stop laughing, from deep within. Really funny. :)

Another go at coffee

Coffee time – so not. I tried again, last week’s Friday. The smell was awesome and I thought I could try. I used a little milk, which is unlike me, but well, ok. Yummy. My taste buds are definitely back in the game! My first sip, it was simply wonderful, really it was! I had expected the worst again, like last time, when the smell was great and the taste was awful. No, now it is better, for whatever reason.
So I had a little more. The result was devastating, though. I was under alarm as if I had had litres of coffee, not three or four little (!) sips. I had made sure to try the coffee right after nursing Tilda and thought I was on the safe side with that, because there were hours before she got milk again. Hmm, not sure. She had a rather restless evening, so maybe the caffeine had an effect on her, maybe it was something else. No idea. ... But eew! I was up most of the night, sleepless. So, I cannot be sure if it was the coffee. The worst was heartburn, just as bad as I remember from some days last year when Tilda pushed my stomach up. I connect all this with the coffee, because everything else I had was healthy and responsible from my side.
Tilda alone is another reason not to try coffee again until after weaning. So, adios coffee for another year. :) Actually I am not sad, because I tried and liked the taste, but my body simply cannot cope with coffee at the moment. I mean, the heartburn was awful, in addition to everything else. I can wait.

DD and fun

There have been two noteworthy spankings lately, one was for punishment, all too well deserved I want to add and I am glad that this was finally over because I have been really bratty then and hubby stopped me when I couldn’t stop myself. My bum hurt and afterwards, when we were good again, I felt it for the next three days and it made me smile every time that I noticed consciously. This spanking had brought a big lot of peace and harmony for sure.
A moment like this is so important for me, when the spanking is over, cornertime done, I snuggle into hubby’s arms and we are as close as can be, even without further activities, everything is just good and right. This is awesome, and apart from the love, I feel free from any kind of burden. I love it. 

The other spanking was different. It was not part of a scene, and it happened right after lunch (most of our spanking moments are in the evening), and somehow it has become another symbol of why spankings are just what I crave. Due to some family affairs that were not so awesome lately, I was all in all rather out of focus I think. We had a short trip planned to get me some new shoes. Usually this is like quality time, because hubby is good at telling me what I should wear (he decides anyway) and I enjoy shopping. Besides, I love shoes. :) 

So I should have been relaxed right from the start, because we had been baby swimming in the morning, too, another feel-good time that usually sort of guarantees that the day will be awesome. Nevertheless, this time it did not. I was tense right after lunch, no idea why. I could not give any reason for it, but had noticed that something was not the way it should be. Hubby had seen that too, took me to the bedroom, had me undress and put me across his knees. Simple as that. I got a spanking, not punishment, but a really wonderful one. This one was so much of the good kind that it left me speechless. I mean, I had other things to do then, e.g. enjoy the moment. He spanked, fondled, examined my wetness, spanked, inspected between my legs again, drove me crazy, spanked, lectured very nicely that I am in good hands (Yay! for his good hands!), I could relax, could let go, no worries, spanked, he’d protect me, spanked, drove me crazy again, examined, spanked, ‘Come for me now baby’ OOOOOOO <-big O!  :)

Wow, when we went shopping for new shoes afterwards I was the most relaxed obedient wife on earth, I could barely walk straight to the car and needed the whole ride in the car to come back to my senses but the silly grin never left my face this day I think. …  I found nice shoes too, perfect day. :)


Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day trip

This is the first sort of warm day of the year for us, we have around 12 degrees C in the sun. Oh yes, there is s u n! Wonderful. 

Yesterday (Saturday) we seized the day and went on a quick trip to the north sea. Tilda wrapped up like a cushion and then half hidden under my coat, we walked along the shore. The wind was so cold, but we had an awesome time out, fresh salty air, some relaxed and quiet time only for ourselves. This was one of those wonderful moments when walking hand in hand and not talking all the time felt just right.
It seems it was too cold for most, because we were virtually alone for miles, and it felt wonderful that way. 

We had brought along everything for a little picnic (in the car) and Tilda wanted to drink right after we entered the car .... with her icy cheek on my breasts I was shock frosted immediately. But her cheeks were so rosy-tinted and looking cute. I loved it and got hot chocolate after Tilda had had her milk. Yummy.

That's the place. Almost barren, cold and windy, but there were lots of birds and it was awesome to walk along the water. Oh, and we saw the first handful of Easter lambs! :)

Before we had started, hubby had insisted on us going to the bedroom. Since we had had a week with lots of not too good news and us still dealing with the common cold, getting away from home was definitely something wonderful. I had been overexcited just from the news that we'd go north to the coast, really overexcited, as if I had not been away from home at all this year. ... Hmm, somehow true. :) So, hubby just had me stand there, bent me over the bed and bared my bottom. I got spanked wonderfully (just slightly more than a gg spanking) with hubby examining how I reacted on that with his hand between my legs. It was awesome, but only a sort of promise for more later in the evening. Nevertheless, I did feel so relaxed from this short encounter, wow. I loved this and had after-sex cheeks throughout the trip. But once we were out in the cold nobody could possibly see that my face was red from anything but the cold wind. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Questions and answers

Cat and Roz asked:

How is Tilda doing?
 :) You do know that I could make this a three pages post now, do you? :) All in all, Tilda is doing fine, she is talking, cooing, but not saying mommy or mama or something like this yet (it’s what I am waiting for, but she has some sounds that I take as mommy-sounds :)  ) She has been turning from her tummy to the side, maybe falling is a better word, but she is  practicing rolling by now, which is great news because she was sometimes a little miffed before when she did not manage to  roll from the back to the side.
She can make a dead serious face, actually she is only very focused on …. her feet.  At the moment she is putting them more often into her mouth than her hands and her tiny socks seem to be yummy. :) Then again we have started our second round of common cold, Tilda is actually the one who is doing it best, because she still laughs a lot and is not bothered too much by her running nose.
Tilda got lots of smooches and hugs from auntie Cat and she loves them a lot. :)

How is your granny doing?
Granny is still in hospital and she has had surgery the second time after they had found another tumour. But this one has been cut out yesterday. She is still in the ICU and will probably be out of it on Friday. So, these are somehow mixed news. Another frustrating bit is that we are not even close to getting anywhere near her, because she could be infected by us. This week we almost only had second hand news, which is pretty horrible for me. So, my hope is that we maybe can see granny next week. I hope this so much, but if any of  us still has a cold, we simply won't go. :(  
I am very grateful for any support at the moment and I know that your prayers and healing energy helps her. Thank you that you do this for us, Cat!

Roz asked:

What first attracted you to your husband?
Hehe, another three page answer … :) Ok, I’ll keep it short and don’t mind if everybody shakes their head now. I had seen hubby before but had no real interest at first, call it bad timing. But then I had seen him in uniform and he looked awesome, like in ‘wow and yummy’. So, this was actually the first thing I really noticed, but that was more like getting me started to look closer. :) His hands and eyes were just what I liked and he has a great voice and laughs a lot. He can be so funny, and when you talk to him you will get some real answers and no excuses. <-- Not everybody likes that, but I did and do. And once we really talked, it was too late, he had me completely. He is very charming and is very sincere and genuine, definitely old fashioned in several areas, but all this spoke to me. He knew what he wanted and would stick to any commitment. I was lucky that hubby was not interested in any other woman, because there were some who fell for his charms and would have loved to be Mrs Prince Charming. :)

If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would it be?
Any place with our family, so England is always first choice. Second choice is Ulster because we have good friends there and I’d love to see them again. Third choice would be Iceland, because I like this mix of rough rocky areas mixed with green. And I cannot get lost there, because it is pretty open, so I can always see my destination. :)

Can you play a music instrument?
As a child I have learned to play the guitar and also had accordion lessons and a few with the violin. The only one I managed was the guitar but it has never been my way of expressing emotions. So, by now I have forgotten everything and regret it now. Maybe I’ll relearn it when Tilda is a bit older and we can play together.

DF asked:

How did you come to be in a DD relationship? Was it something that you or your husband initiated, or did it come about naturally between you?
Basically, it was that I was attracted to hubby, and when we came closer he never made a secret out of his interest in DD. So, to get me into it, we had it as bedroom fun first, which was awesome and exciting, but since he had met me when I was still pretty chaotic he made it clear that DD would have to play an important role for us. He showed me what he meant and he was good at making DD clear to me, and since I had come out of my chaotic years, this was so attractive that I would always have agreed. For me DD was a major positive change in life. And since we always stuck to talking and few rules, so that I could handle this, it was somehow like coming naturally for us, but hubby definitely initiated it.

When Tilda starts walking and talking, where would you like to take her?
In general I’d like to go to playgrounds with her, meet her friends so that they could play together, go to the zoo and to the sea, feed the ducks, go swimming, to farms, so that she can see and touch sheep, goats and other farm animals, places where she can see something that excites her.
 But if you mean another country, I’d love to be in England with her for a longer time, so that she could learn speaking English like a native speaker. Here, we do use more German and even when hubby speaks English with her, we cannot be sure that she speaks it. Maybe she only develops a better passive language skill. But if she were surrounded by it, then she would definitely learn speaking English quickly. I want her to be able to speak with her grandparents without any language barrier. :) 

Ronnie asked:

What's your favourite Spring flower?
The first of my favourites are snowdrops. I love them and usually they are the first to appear in the garden. Second is crocus, because of the first strong colours, and then daffodils, because when we have them in the garden there is usually a little more sun around. I can’t wait for any of these to bloom.

What's your favourite colour in knickers?
Lol, :) pink or white. Actually I have far more white ones than pink ones, but I like something with colour.

Jan asked:

What does Tilda look like?
I wish hubby would allow some pictures online. :(  Anyways, Tilda has soft dark brown hair/fluff (not a single curl) and a little button nose. She has lovely rosy and slightly chubby cheeks and when she purses her lips, this is awfully cute. She has pretty brown eyes and when she laughs she really does it with all of her face, and her eyes are sparkling. Actually, laughing is more like a whole body shaking experience for her, because she likes waving her arms around then and the rest follows. :) Whenever there is anything near, she grabs it. She has grown and stretched quite a lot and is getting close to seventy cm now, and seems to be double-jointed. She can move her legs so easily up and her feet into her mouth, wow. I think Tilda does not really look fragile, more like one who is just waiting to be allowed to stand up and walk, I think she’ll be a big success in some sorts of sports, and she is definitely very active and has really quick reactions. She is a real grabber, which means that I have to keep my hair out of her reach. So, she is a bundle of energy, but a wonderful one with a friendly laughing face. :)

What is hubby's best attribute?
Oh my, that’s difficult to decide. I am always amazed because he keeps his cool in all sorts of situations where I’d simply freak out or be scared to death. So, just the right quality for me, because I am such a chicken. And I love that he has a great sense of humour and that it is easy to talk to him and feel cherished.

What is the one word that describes you best?
Hmm, ‘insecure’ probably. I think there is nothing easier than leaving me in some sort of doubts.

Sub hub in phx asked:

Do you have entertain desires to be a Dominant, even if for a short time during role play?
No, not really. I have tried using implements on hubby, to see what it is like and it made me really feel bad. I love being at the receiving end during punishment, discipline and especially during the nice spankings, but doing this the other way round holds no attraction for me at all. I may become better at giving orders over the years, when my little one becomes older, but at the moment I couldn’t even imagine that I could enjoy it.

Thank you for the great questions, and if you have more feel free to ask them. Since we are currently all a little ill, it might take longer than usual till I have given my answers, but that’s the worst that cold happen. :)

And wherever you are, have a wonderful second half of the week!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Question and answer month

Smacking Bottom follows its own seasons and high days, or even months! It is March again, that means it is question and answer month in blogland. This is pretty cool!

So, if you have questions just ask. I will do my best to answer. In the nearest future. In March. :) ... Unless your questions reach me close to midnight at the last day of March.  Then I'll answer in April. :) Couldn't resist, sorry.

Questions or not, 

I hope you all have a marvelously positive week!