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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wife and Hubby in a car - basic behaviour

 As I sit here on Saturday morning to think about what happened during the week, I eat apple slices, because they are better for me than chocolate (see below, my chocolate and hormones rambling explains that) and I smile, finally. I am still not feeling too well, but all is better than it was earlier this week. And I have several good reasons to smile (but still no climax).

1st Master gave me a sort of spanking, because I had asked, no begged, for it. He was gentle and though I was on his lap and could not see him, while I presented my bottom, he talked with me and made sure that the spanking was only for me to make me feel better. Thank you Sir, it really worked.

2nd I can still sit well, which feels good. If you have never had the experience to enjoy sitting,  try different uncomfortable ways and then do it the most comfy way possible. No calories at all, and it is for free!

3rd We went out last night ... by car.

The important bit here is, that it was by car, the lovely bit was that we went to a restaurant. After a turbulent week where all ups came from Master and all downs from me, this was meant to be a real treat for the both of us, and I loved every moment of it. So did Master. I add that, because I still have a bad conscience because of some behaviour issues I had during this week and he definitely deserved a nice night out, far more than I did! Anyways, off we went, nicely dressed, I even knew where we would go, which is not always the case. Sometimes he just tells me what to wear and then he takes me to some lovely place.We both love it that way, surprises are great.

Well, after a while in the car, I started commenting  'you are too...' and he only shot a single slightly annoyed glance into my direction. I stopped immediately and never said another word about how he should drive or not. This is one of the rules I'd rather follow in complete silence. No comments or nagging during the ride, or else.... . Usually I would not even have started commenting, because I know that rule well and if I don't like what I see, I can close my eyes and wait until we have reached our destination. You can imagine how difficult it is to keep your eyes closed, if you don't want to sleep, so I just remain quiet and look elsewhere.

Just to think about the situation makes me laugh, because whenever there was anything wrong concerning the car, driving, parking in a no-parking zone, being too fast or things like that, it was absolutely always me. Not him, ONLY me. He has never ever had to pay anything because he did any of these things. But Master is generous and pays for what I do. Well, he has to, because he earns the money for the both of us. I pay afterwards, at home, usually with a verrrry sore and red bottom. See 2nd, above about the advantages of good sitting ... and there is no connection to driving well and hormones. I mean, when I drive like a slob, I do it all the time, not only one week a month.

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