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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to walk the thin line between pleasure and punishment

Haha, as if I could walk that line. Seriously, I am still not sure what has happened, but I think that I asked Master to test a cane on me. Bad idea, all in all, but maybe worth it, too. There is no severe punishment that I have to face at the moment, so maybe it will not be as bad as I see it coming at the weekend. Master is pretty busy these days (which is one reason why I have time to write) and therefore our chances to spend much time are better at the weekend. The coming weekend might be especially interesting for me, though, because of this dreaded cane. He bought a new one which is covered in leather and is considerably softer than the ones that he usually uses on me. So this is strictly speaking, nice. He just gave me one with it, to test it, so that I could feel it and find out what I thought about this cane. It is decidedly less severe than the nasty ones that we have. We talked about the different implements and  there I seriously said that I wanted Master to try the new one on me during the weekend. I am still pondering whether this was clever because I might be in for a treat or whether I am only starting to be completely nuts because it might also hurt a lot.
Whatever it will turn out to be, I absolutely did not think before I spoke, the words came out rather quickly, and Master was only too happy to oblige. If you had seen the anticipation in combination with a devilish grin, you would understand why I am not clear yet on that matter. Concerning the title, I am not sure if I am of any use in telling anybody how to tread this thin line, because obviously my own approach was kicking something off in a mad rush, but if you need someone to help you how to use that approach, I am convinced I can help.

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