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Friday, April 4, 2014

Reminiscing about maintenance spankings

We have never been the ones who did maintenance/therapeutic spankings every week at a fixed date and time. It was more like being spanked when either hubby decided it, because he saw I was tense or when I felt that I needed it. And currently I miss this sooo much. As usual, you understand better what you had, when it is gone. For once, I am not talking about the erotic notion spanking also has (everything has erotic notions for me at the moment). No, I am talking about the intimate connection we get from this kind of spanking, the communication that goes along with it and also the chance to find inner balance. It's the physical part that I want to feel, because that leads to everything else afterwards. 

Hubby would call me, he'd ask if everything was alright with me. Most times I'd say 'yes', because I am the last to recognize what's going on with me. He'd probe again. He'd sooner or later say that I had behaved as if I was under pressure, fidgety,  restless or troubled. This would let me stop. He'd give examples of what he had perceived. That's when I have a real chance to recognise what's going on. Most times I can see it then, and acknowledge that he is right. 'Yes, I have been troubled, because ....'.
He'd maybe nod, but I'd always get a gentle and compassionate hug and be caressed by him. He'd look me in the eyes and tell me to undress. 

You know, this is so different from punishment spanking. He is determined to do what it takes, but he'd be less resolute in the way he'd deal with me. Maybe because the situation is a less tense one, compared to punishment. During punishment, I'd rather avoid anything to make hubby cross with me, in maintenance, this is not an issue at all. It's difficult to describe, maybe it is the way he looks at me too. For punishments hubby could easily put on his 'don't mess with me, girl'  look. Very strict and stern and it has the desired effect on me. He wouldn't use that on me for maintenance/therapeutic kinds of spankings. (But his stern look is so sexy, too)

Well, I would undress, get the arnica, sometimes a hairbrush, and wait until hubby would tell me to get over his lap. We would have it long and slow. :) Hubby would give me time to get accustomed to the growing sting. We'd communicate throughout most of the ride, though towards the end, I don't talk much. I fall silent, the more I have to focus on the growing stingy pain. Hubby would leave a few seconds inbetween spanks now and then, often he'd put his hand(s) on my bottom to feel what stage it has reached. He'd tell me about different shades of pink that I have on me then, too. 'Please, don't rub', is something hubby would hear me say during maintenance. Putting his hands on my bottom is fine, but don't rub, please.

While I'd say my bottom feels as hot as chilli, he'd probably tease me a little 'No, sweetie, it is still feeling rather cold, barely warmed yet and the night is still young...' I don't see his face then, but I can hear him grinning. But still, he'd listen closely to me. I know that and he'd stop in time. But what time? Usually he waits until I cry. It is the good kind of crying, it means release. Oh, and there have been a few times, when he said that it was enough spanking and I had not cried ... until I stood in front of him, naked and vulnerable. One look from him and his words "You have done well" or "good  girl" were all it took. I cried the good tears and felt so much relief. The heavy burden was gone. He pushes this heavy burden away from me, whereas I don't notice my burden, until he has dealt with it. He really knows me. 

Sometimes this might lead to romantic activities afterwards, because we'd end up in the bedroom anyway. Often enough it doesn't: we'd spend time together, talk, cuddle, caress. ... And I might fall asleep :) . It was a burden that hubby had taken away and it had taken time. After all this, I sometimes grew so tired as if I had not slept for ages. What counted then was, that I was not left alone. He was there and would see that I was alright. I'd fall asleep, exhausted, and the next morning would be a bright and friendly one for me, where I'd be full of energy and feel lively. And my bum would hurt. This would be a reminder, but a nice one for me. Sometimes I have had light bruises. Most bruising is prevented by arnica, but sometimes a little was still visible. I love that and when hubby was there, I'd try to parade them in front of him and he'd laugh. 

This is what I really crave at the moment. I know that hubby would love to have that back, too. Well, we'll wait and see when we can have it back. 'Not too early. Not before you are fine again', hubby  had said. Now it is spring. Well, maybe December? Christmas !


  1. Well that will be a fun Christmas gift to look forward to. Here's your present, bend over so I can spank you!

    It's funny how we desire the pain and pleasure that we get from a spanking. The way it makes us feel, how
    it connects us to the HoH. Sorry you can't get what you desire right now but it will be worth it! Busy yourself
    with baby things and thoughts if you can.


    1. Lol, I would love that as a Christmas gift. I think the next time I hear hubby say that to me will let loose all butterflies in my stomach. And although we still have to wait a pretty long time, somehow the weeks go by so quickly. I am still there to serve hubby and do my chores, and what time is left, I actually do keep myself busy with baby things. I love that. And, while I still have time for it, I am already trying to find out what hubby, friends and family might like for Christmas, too. I think this year it is very important to start really early, because it will take away some pressure from finding presents in autumn when we’ll be busy with baby. :)



  2. My two little(?) bundles of joy were very much sought after and hard to come by. He didn't touch me at all, spanking or sexually for the whole term of each pregnancy, we didn't dare risk it!
    I know what it feels like to crave! Think how much making up you'll have to do!

    1. Janey, I am very happy that you have your two little(?) bundles of joy :) and hubby and I had discussions about what to do or not during my pregnancy, too. Even bedroom spanking is only like a light massage, but he would not do anymore, just to make sure that nothing bad could happen. If he had not been there when my doctor told us that sex was ok during pregnancy, I think he wouldn’t have touched me sexually either. We are very careful and don’t do anything that might cause problems. But the more kinky things can wait till Christmas :). And spanking (is not kink, I think) will wait till then, too. I think this Christmas will be very exciting and I’ll probably have a large supply of arnica under the Christmas tree!

  3. Janey, I am very pleased that your husband still gives you maintenance spankings once in awhile. It helps a good housewife, to be even better. And a blushing bare bottom, sometimes even a painful one, keeps a marriage on the up, and up. I am sure you will agree with that.


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