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Monday, November 11, 2013

What nice topics have you talked to your partner about during the weekend?

how to help each other / comfort each other in emotional crisis'
why we like what we do and who we are
sweet memories
review of past weeks' events
obedience → it is a really important anchor for me; thumbs up
discipline s.a.
favourite food (real food, not chocolate this time)
10 favourite ways of teasing him
10 favourite ways of torturing me
sex (I am still waiting…)
babies (we are late, but working on it)
single friends
friends with babies (all married)
hair styles (his: short cut; mine: slightly curled at the moment, no curls again soon)
to do's for the next week (chores are ok or even nice, but sewing is fantastic!!! This time it is really easy, it is a Viking maid’s outfit for one of my little nieces)
shoes (no joke!)
sports (this time it was only about jogging through the fields, preferably at daytime)
The Voice
painting pictures
drawing pictures

this could be an endless list, though these above are the ones that were best

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