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Friday, November 29, 2013

What's your fetish?

Mrs stereotype speaking here, my favourite fetish are ...... shoes! What else could it have been. I love shoes of any kind, from comfy to sophisticated, healthy to unhealthy, whatever they are, the right shoe in the right time saves my day, just like a smile and nice word from hubby. Lovely. When we have a session I do not always have the chance to wear shoes, though I love that, and my favourites are high heels then, everything that helps in creating endless legs.  Wearing them is a treat for myself, but I know that Master also loves to see me in them. In everyday life I am not required to wear high heels all the time, but nevertheless I do, quite often. Contrasting that are those shoes which I love because they are all comfort for me, like Mary Janes, flat sandals or trainers.
Shoes are not all about sex for me, so it is not the classical sexual fetish that I have here, but it has a connection to sex for me, at times, for example, when I wear high heels during a session or while hubby makes love to me.... they make me feel sexier, probably because I also notice the admiring looks from his side, and who would not love that.
Sure, there are some things which are only connected to sex, which make me fidgety rather quickly, like crops. We don't have a farm or own a horse, but Master has a nice collection of crops and other devices he can use on me. So, imagine what happens, when he decides that he wants to buy a new crop in a shop for equestrian sports or in a pet shop. I become very nervous in these situations, first of all, because I am always afraid that somebody notices that the riding equipment is for me, which would embarass me. Master keeps teasing me in these situations, because he knows what I feel like then, I am more or less a nervous wreck, though I must admit that nothing has ever happened. And deep within I know that he would not do anything that could harm me in any way.
We even buy bridles, rather parts of them there, which are quite good and cheap if you like the leather bits instead of ordinary gags. They are another item that I connect more with sex than with horses and playing around with these items has always been fun and pleasure for us.
Others have different fetishes, and the few items I have mentioned here are not the complete list of mine, it may be that I am not even aware of all things that would fall in such a category. Those I mentioned so far, have a sexual connection, or at least they can have it and sometimes we like to use that to our advantage, to enhance arousal, to feel better or to make a session more exciting and varied.
There are also items that are probably less connected to sex, though they appear incredibly attractive to many women, and they can also help to arouse women in the right moment. Let's come back to shoes again, but this time men's shoes. For me that would be Derby shoes, either in chestnut or in black and these combined with a matching made-to-measure suit, that's awesome and makes a man almost irresistable. I am married and owned, I know, but my friends are not all, and they say the same. Still, all these nice things can only work when you are also in a receptive mood, so that you are willing to pay attention to them.

If I understood sexual fetishism correctly, it could be part of a mental disorder, or a mental disorder in itself, if it has a major negative influence on your sexual relationship or important areas of your life (wikipedia). Hopefully, this does not apply to us, because we use what I guess could be a kind of fetish, to enhance our time together, to derive pleasure from it, but in the centre of the time we spend together are Master and I, the human beings, not the items that might have a connection to our sex-life. Nevertheless, I would not want to miss my shoes .... :)


  1. Everyone has something special of interest. :) Where do you get your riding crops?

  2. Hello Anastasia,
    we have two shops that we go to, one is a big pet shop, which is not far away from home and the other one is a bit farther away and specialises in equestrian products, so when I have to enter this one, it makes me very nervous, because Master surely is going to play around with some of the items and seeing the different things that could be used on me really gets my juices flowing, too.


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