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Saturday, November 2, 2013

being taught a lesson in humility

Last weekend Master has very clearly reminded me that I am his slavegirl. As if I needed a reminder for that. We both know that I am all his, and we both like it that way. It was during one of our evenings (Friday night)  when we did a lot of talking, and everything was quite relaxed for the two of us. Nevertheless, I had had this idea that he was up to something, though I could not at all say what was different. Then, he changed the topic, first we talked about likes and dislikes during recent nights of love and during sessions, which is a nice topic for us, because usually it ends with us having some lovely dirty kind of sex again. If the topic is like that, it feels like you stand in front of a chocolate shop and see all the nice things and later, you go in and buy a surprise bag full of chocolate goodies. Yumm Yumm.
Well, this time, Master had different ideas. After  some time, when we talked about our relationship, I got told by my earnest looking Master that I am all his, including my breasts and my vagina, of course, and also the right to have an orgasm, among other things. That's nothing new for me, because it has been like that  for years by now and I have been tried on that in the past repeatedly. And that was exactly Master's idea for me. We lay on the bed, a very big and comfy one, which is our favourite place to spend time talking and do other things. He started teasing me, touching, caressing, fondling, later on he used me, so that I came closer and closer to my own orgasm, if I were allowed to have that, I mean. You can guess, what he did. I got teased by him over and over again and I begged to be released and of course he did not do so. It was ok for one night, because I thought, this was only from Friday to Saturday, but no, Saturday to Sunday was the same. I got teased and brought close to orgasm, several times. I love it when I am just used sexually, because it still feels good to me, but it is different, if your owner actively does everything to raise your expectations, brings you closer and closer and then doesn't finish what he started, on purpose. It is as if you stand in the chocolate shop and have found the best chocolate goody ever and then you realise you forgot your money at home and the shop is going to close for the weekend. A catastrophy! It went on like this for the whole week! As a result, Master has created an extremely frustrated and over-horny slavegirl who is bitchy and close to exploding, just from mentioning anything about release, being set free, or any other kind of sexual innuendo.  You should see his face, as he observes me now and then. He looks as if he had done nothing at all, but whenever he touches me, by accident (haha), and in arousing places, he has this devillish look sparkling in his eyes. By the way, at the moment, virtually any spot on me has turned into an erogenous zone. So any time I am touched by him, I stop moving completely, to breathe away the sensual experience, because otherwise I really would lose control. Master  would  not allow me to come, not yet, that is. But he is very pleased with himself, because he knows that I have already passed a point where I would do anything for him, just to be allowed one single orgasm.
I don't know how long he is going to continue his game with me, but I hope it ends soon, because I feel desperate. Don't get me wrong though, because I feel extremely cared for and loved by my Master, too. This is why there is no way out of the situation for me, I am all his.

PS: I am not a sex-maniac, and usually I don't think about sex all the time, but I like sex, of course. Well, actually I feel like a maniac at the moment and can only think about sex right now, but that is only Master's fault.

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