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Monday, November 11, 2013

The use of titles and names between Master and me

Most of the time I just say Master or Sir to my husband when we are alone. But there are also rare moments, when both of us feel as close as possible, when Master does not want to be called that, instead I use his first name then. This does not happen too often, and it is very special. There has been one time in bed, in an already very intimate moment, when we felt like that and he literally offered me to say his name, instead of any titles or nothing at all. For me that is a privilege, because I connect that with deepest love and trust and Master does not grant me that thoughtlessly. Maybe I make you laugh or sigh or just shake your head, but he left me in awe for a short time and he really positively shook me to the core. These moments are something that we always look out for.

Concerning titles, I sometimes differentiate between Master and hubby/husband when I write my blog here. Sometimes it just happens more or less by accident, because we are married, though we also live as Master and slave. Sometimes I do it intentionally, to show which role of my Master I actually refer to in that moment. The other roles are there too, don’t worry, but sometimes it just feels right to use a certain title or name and not the other. And it is in my blog, which is mine only, where I can write freely, as long as I don’t insult anybody or use foul language and things like that. Not that I have any intention of doing so, but if there is something that I could do wrong, I usually manage to do so, sooner or later. Hubby nods behind me, because he knows what I mean. I have once called the husband, not the Master, Chauvi, during a hot tempered discussion about women’s rights … which qualified as foul language and disrespect. And here I mean I called hubby that, because I would not have dared to call the Master in him by such a name. … Oh my god, I sound so schizophrenic now.  … But the other voices in me say I am not … Sorry, I could not resist, but I really don’t want to be rude. So if there is anybody with such a problem I apologize and if it hurt anybody I am seriously willing to delete the last lines.

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