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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Release, release, release, hallelujah

Last night, Master finally gave me, what I had yearned for during the last two weeks. He had let me wait like this before, longer than just two weeks, therefore, it should not have been a problem for me to cope with the situation. But this time it really felt like torture, because of him teasing me again and again. I enjoy sexual activities, but usually it is not that I really need to orgasm to be satisfied emotionally, though usually I get that too. It is more like the icing on the cake, and I love that, as you can imagine, but the cake is sweet without it, too.

Last night he really had worked hard to give me far more than I had ever imagined. Since I already was emotionally and physically aroused and could not cool down completely, it would not have taken much to let me orgasm. But instead of doing this, I got a long lovely, soft session, only with massages - where he never touched my already burning hotspot - and his current favourite, the little Wartenberg wheel. He created this mix again, which was already enough to set me off. I was blindfolded and bound at hands and feet and whenever I reached the point of no return, he stopped right in time. So, what he did again, was tease and denial at its finest. I did not know then what he wanted to do with me, but if you have learned over the last days, that it could all stop, any moment, you can imagine how much frustration started to boil up, nicely mixed with a lot of pleasure, because it all felt sooooo good. Well, I would have been disappointed, if he had not allowed me to orgasm, but he had no intention of hurrying in dealing with me. After a lot of time and an even greater lot of relaxing and arousing me to the limit, he finally touched my clit and that was all it needed. I felt like I exploded and wave after wave after wave after wave rushed through me. This orgasm seemed to last forever, the pleasurable contractions in me took an incredibly, lovely long time, and only when they subsided slowly, did he actually enter me, which was already enough to let me explode a second time and  a moment later a third, and a moment later .... .

I am sure you get the idea. This was an unbelievable incredible wow-experience, and just like often before, I am glad that I can sit comfortably and don't have to walk around too much at the moment. According to what my body feels like at the moment, I know it will take a few days for me to recover from this experience, and there's definitely no jogging today and tomorrow.

After last night, you could see me all serene and full of bliss, grinning. Since I was just too exhausted from what had happened to me, I fell asleep before we had enough time talking. This morning's breakfast was a relaxed but rather quiet one too, because I was still busy figuring out, what had hit me last night. I mean, my physical constitution is not as good as that of Master's,  but I do exercises, go swimming, jogging and some other, so that I can handle physical effort well, and then there's one night and I am completely exhausted, as if I had just finished a marathon. But this is the best form of being exhausted, because it nevertheless creates this complete emotional and physical satisfaction in me. If possible, I'll talk things through with Master today, which is necessary for me, to understand what was going on with him and me last night. After all, I could not notice more than the physical bits and pieces that he would allow me to feel, thank god to the blindfold. In addition to that, I am still emotionally stirred up, though feeling fine with it, and I am at peace somehow -- and overanalyzing right now. Happens, when I need to talk to Master.

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