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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Arbitrary list of things that happen in my life:

1. My sister is overdue by now. Her due date was the 26th.

2. I am only one week away from my own due date. So, if my niece will wait a little longer and my little one (I'd say a girl, hubby says a boy, both of us say we'll love you no matter what, baby) will be a few days early, we could have a double birthday party. :)

3. Granny is waiting. We do visit her every day, and there is no change in her situation at all. On the one hand this is so sad that it makes me cry a lot, but on the other hand she does not give up on life and that's awesome. 

4. When baby is there I'll show her to granny as soon as possible. Maybe she cannot see baby, but I'll make sure she'll feel, smell and hear her.

5. Silly fact: whenever I sing Eleanor Rigby I change the chorus from 'all the lonely people' to 'all the lovely people'. I like my version much better, because it is more positive and maybe because hubby laughs at me whenever he hears me doing this, like today.

6. Tilda has a new doll that she loves to pieces. Both ladies share the same bed. :)

7. Things are more than crazy in our family lately, because my sister and her family have to move soon, so everybody is trying to help.

8. Our freezer is full of pre-cooked meals. That was advice from Cat and DF when I was pregnant with Tilda and it was definitely awesome advice!

9. Next year, when baby is there and I am not nursing her anymore (2017?), I'll try coffee again. Apart from spankings this is what I have missed most. Well, I do miss chocolate a lot too, but can't have any, because heartburn. :) 

10. Hear that?! Next year??? I am sorry for not being around much lately, but will try to be better again. But far more importantly, 

I hope you all have a marvelous and peaceful 



Happy New Year !

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all love and connection, a hand to hold, someone to hug, a loving smile and a pleasant giggle :), basically, I'd love you to have the most awesome time you have ever had. 

Merry Christmas to you 


Not Mrs and Santa Claus, but lovely snowmen. A little snow just for tonight would have been great, but it is more spring-like instead. :)