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Friday, November 15, 2013

Rope, chain, scarves and safety

When I am bound we use either ropes or chains. If it is to press onto certain sensitive spots, Master prefers rope.Usually we have the colourful nylon ones for that and if it is going to be a bit tighter, I like the ones that have a wider diameter than my thumb, because I always feel they hurt less, if at all.
Hemp is something that we have here too, but I don't like it much. If Master uses that, I don't dare to move around or wriggle my wrists, because that hurts and is bad for the skin. Of course, he uses it because I don't wriggle around in it.

If I am meant to dangle from a hook in the ceiling, Master takes chains more often. I like that best with leather cuffs, because they are very soft and nothing hurts along the wrists with them on. Metal cuffs are different, but Master does not use them in that situation.

Of course, there are also other means to stop me from wriggling around, one of my favourites are silk scarves. If Master uses these, I feel as if I get an extra treat. Usually the activities he does then are intense but somehow add up into another direction than the ones he does with rope or chains. It is probably just my expectation that changes how I feel about it, because for me it feels different with rope and different again with chains. With scarves, everything appears to be more erotic from the start, like what might easily be after a candlelight dinner, with a fireplace and a warming fire in the background. With rope I feel the urge stronger and quicker to be used sexually (I am talking about intercourse), and with chains I feel more helpless than with the other kinds of being bound, the feeling of surrender is greatest then.
None of these kinds of being bound is bad, I love them all, because they are all exciting and arouse me even before Master has started doing anything else. I could recommend them all, but whatever you do, make sure that you have a pair of scissors at hand, in case of emergency, and don’t drink alcohol if you intend to do bondage. Make sure that your sub has a way of communicating if something is wrong. Either a safeword, or put something into her hand, which makes a lot of noise if she lets it fall down.
Since I am Master’s slave and also because Master and I have been together for so long it is not necessary to negotiate anything. He does it the way he wants to. Nevertheless I know that I can rely on him, because even though we don’t negotiate a scene (which you should, if you are not with your regular partner or don’t know enough about her, or just try something new, etc.), we talk a lot about what we like or dislike, what worked well or did not, especially where the pain went into the wrong direction. Even though I am not the real expert about the how to do-section, I am always the one who feels the result of what he does, first.Therefore I am glad that he listens to what I have to say about sessions we do.
And whatever you do, be safe, sane and consensual.

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