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Thursday, November 21, 2013

12+ embarrassing moments

This list is very incomplete and does not contain the most embarrassing situations, though some felt bad enough when they happened. I think the supply of embarrassing moments in my life up to date is almost endless.

1. Fell through the open door of a cafeteria full of people, skirt hitched up and stockings and bottom could be seen ( I made many happy that day)

2. Walked into a glas door which was meant to open automatically

3. Lost a bet with a friend and had to walk through town while she was wearing a T-shirt with 'I am with stupid' written at it, the arrow on it pointed at me

4. Went swimming naked and someone stole all my clothes (actually it was not too bad, because it was a hot summer day)

5. Let go a fart in the presence of strangers

6. Got caught in the park while having sex. They were the police and had found us, because I was too noisy. We did not get arrested!

7. Swallowed vegetables the wrong way and coughed it all up, across the table and onto Master (He looked as if he had green freckles :) ) ... in a posh restaurant

8. Got drunk from a few sips from a lady pint of guiness and gave it all to the roses (->not used to alcohol; the roses and me) ... we had arrived at the pub around 8.30 and I felt like dying only 30 minutes later

9. Locked myself out of the house only dressed with a towel on, after I had taken a shower.

10. Went swimming in a swimsuit, but did not know that it was see-through when wet

11. Got lost in a department store in Hamburg at the age of 26

11.1 Got lost in a department store in London at the age of 26

11.2. Got lost in Ikea's multi-storey car park, yes, at the age of 26

12. Had a temper tantrum in a crowded shopping mall

12.1 Got scolded by Master in a crowded shopping mall for it

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