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Sunday, December 1, 2013

the new cane - a treat

As was to be expected, Master took me to the bedroom last night to prepare for a session with him that was not meant to teach me discipline, it was to teach me how good pain can be, even with a cane. Almost all our canes are more or less nasty ones for me, though Master has used them in the past to create pleasurable experiences for me. He did this again last night, this time with the new one, which is softer and a bit less stingy when it says hello to the bottom. Since this will be another text containing sexually explicit descriptions, I have finally decided to turn on the blogger adult contents warning again. I hope you don't mind too much.
When we started I was still in my daily-routine mode, because Master had just called me into the bedroom, right away from the kitchen. But apart from emptying the dishwasher, all was done for the day, so nothing which needed my attention immediately. Nevertheless, my first thoughts were still with what was left to be done in the kitchen, while I went into the bedroom. Once there, that changed quickly, because Master told me to undress, which I did. Once naked, my thoughts had already changed, because I did not know yet, what to expect. He sat down on the bed and I went across his knees. That left me still in the dark, because I could end up with pleasure or punishment, maybe I should have finished the dishwasher and since I did not, I might receive a punishment. That's where I started and told Master that I was sorry, but he had called me a few minutes too early to finish it in time. He said that was ok, he knew that, and started massaging my bum, which started relaxing me. That was also when he said that I was meant to get a treat. I got spanked lightly, interrupted by massages, especially of my bottom, then spanking again, massage again. The spanking intensified over time,  just as it should if it is meant to be nice and Master tested whether he got me in the mood, by touching between my legs. Of course it worked, his fondling now and then was an additional turn on. When  he had the impression that I was all prepared, he told me to stand up, which was not what I had been waiting for. I'd have preferred outright sexual intercourse, because Master had me already heated up immensely. Well, being pampered is a hard job, but someone has to do it... :) . And that's what Master did to me. He chained my hands above my head, so that I was still able to stand, blindfolded me and then he used the new cane, the nice one. He started softly with that, which felt good and he intensified the strokes slowly. I thought that I had already been all wet, but this got me all flowing. It felt different than the spanking, though I had loved that, and it was less stingy than the nasty canes. It felt perfect then and Master took his time with me so that I slowly felt how I was getting closer and closer to my point of no return. I was still trying to figure out how to stop myself from climaxing without permission, because I was far too woozy to ask either to stop turning me on or to give permission, when he gave me a final stroke and touched my soft spot at the same time, telling me, to come. That was more than I needed, because I think I would not have had any chance to stop my body from reacting anymore. But if I get the signal to orgasm, I can actively let go, which is even more like a rush, where every thought is just washed away. And even though I recount only the physical aspects of last night, it has been far more than that and I might need another day to finish dealing with the -positive- emotions that have happened to me as a result of last night.
Afterwards, Master took me down from the chains and onto the bed where we spent a lot of time last night without sleeping. In bed, I had felt more distinctly that my bottom was pretty sore, and Master had arnica lotion applied onto my very dark red bottom. It helped immediately and there are not even more than a few signs of the welts left to be seen this morning. Especially after the punishment I had received last Wednesday, which was done with one of the nasty canes, this one was the complete opposite, a lovely experience and I learned from it that I surely do not dread this cane, which brought so much pleasure.
To make sure that the new cane will always be connected to this, I have asked Master if he could choose any cane, but not the new one, for punishments and reserve the new one for pleasure only. He agreed and that has obviously been his intention from the beginning.


  1. I am very pleased your master, gave your bare bottom, a good caning with the new one that he purchased. I am sure it felt good and proper in his hands, as he swished them down on your naked rear end. Every naughty woman deserves to be caned. Do you wear garter-belt and stockings, that would accent your voluptuous naked derriere, as you feel this corporal punishment implement descend on your naked bottom.

    1. Hello sixofthebest,
      usually I am naked when I get spankings or the cane. This is always the case for punishments, but we tend to do that as well when it is for pleasure.


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