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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Everyday life update

I absolutely have to apologize for being away from my blog for such a long time. We are still here, though lots of things have been going on here. Since this is like a mixed bag again, I’ll tell you first what you can find here today, so that you can scroll down, if you want to. There’s a little bit about our gardening time, some Tilda news, a little about Granny and Amy, what brought some unrest into the house was an episode hubby had to deal with. I can only tell the very general idea of it, hubby would go crazy otherwise. Towards the bottom I have a surprise from hubby for me.

Into the garden
May has been a very good time for us here, really busy, but pretty fine. First of all we have moderately good weather, which means gardening time for Tilda and me. So, we spent a lot of time there. Silly as it sounds to some, I do enjoy digging in the dirt, all the spring smells that are back there after a dreary autumn and wintertime, and I enjoy looking at all the flowers. My favourite to look at was one of our apple trees, because I cut it to size early this year and it was blossoming wonderfully in bright white. I forgot to take pictures of it until it was too late, but meanwhile some other nice coloured flowers open up.

More important than anything is what Tilda is doing. She is blossoming too, growing and thriving. Her first tooth is there, which is visible proof of her growing and becoming more of a character. If her pleasure in eating one of my wooden spoons is an indicator, she’ll fall for ttwd later on. She chewed on one of the wooden spoons so much over the last weeks, and still loves this. In addition she uses it to bang at doors and walls or anything else that might make interesting sounds.
She has some real words for mommy and daddy now and she’s crawling all over the place as well. Speaking with her has never been more fun, because she kind of obviously answers. I love to watch her, especially as we have used some basic signals for months and she does show ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘hungry’ and ‘tired’. Hungry is a quick tummy rub and tired is stretching the arms to the sides. :) We are playing a lot of peek-a-boo and a version of pat-a-cake and a few other small games such as This is the thumb. We play that in German and in English, because the speaking melody and which of her fingers I wiggle are exactly the same. Tilda enjoys it both ways and doesn't bother about language, she’s more into the physical sensation of it. :)

Thank God Granny is on the mend. She is still getting chemo, but for now she can stay at home, go to the docs every week for treatment and then she returns home. So, even with the less brilliant days she still has, she is simply so much more back to being her old self and we use our chances to see her. Being with her is wonderful, spending time with her is such a gift for me and I love watching her play with Tilda. Hehe and Granny and Tilda love playing with each other too, so the mornings are awesome for all of us. I have written about Granny before and I think that I have mentioned that she is very warmhearted and loves children. And now that she is better again, she has glinting eyes again, which is so amazing and beautiful. You can see much more of her liveliness than you could for quite a while. I am simply grateful for that and hope that it goes on like this. I mean, this year would be most awesome if only all will be good with her.

Leg up, or I’ll tie you down, Amy
Well, as I said, somehow this is a busy time. My best friend Amy has had bad luck and sprained her ankle. This has been more than a week ago by now, so she is much better. But for the first three days she could not really walk at all. Somehow this was good for her, because usually she is pretty busy and suddenly she got a break which I think she needed. So, I thwarted all of her attempts to be helpful and stand up, hence the title. Saying something like ‘I’ll tie you down’ to Amy is funny for me, because she is not into bondage, but I think I made it sound convincing, at least she stayed on the sofa. :) Not sure if I could ever follow through anyway, because she is one of the two most important authority figures for me. … But playing with that was funny. :)

In addition, her break was good for Tilda and me, because we could help Amy a little while she recovered. She had her leg on a pile of cushions for most of the day, I put Tilda onto her belly so that they could enjoy each other and worked a little in the kitchen and did some of the housework. Oh, housework is fun, and I love doing that for Amy, because in the past it was more the other way round, she helped me, so I simply enjoy having a chance to do something for her. Actually the best about the whole situation was to see Amy and Tilda play together. Unbelievable cuteness!!  And we had plenty of time to talk, which was most awesome. I mean, we do talk every day, but most of the week we phone each other, so these few days were wonderful because we could spend a real lot of quality time together.

Hubby is being busy again these days. He has had some troubles with a client from very far away, nothing to worry about (I hope), but very annoying. Well, then again, this guy pestered him and even tried to reach hubby at home; nobody knows how he got our address in the first place (it was not me!). If anything, pestering us at home is the best way to make someone extremely angry here. And hubby was not in the house when this guy knocked either. But I am better than ever and did not open the door, which shouldn't be a surprise with a rather massive looking man standing in front of it. Last year, when I had this incident with the two women who tried to getinto the house, I had wished for a dog. We wanted to wait, to find out how I’d cope once our little one was there. The matter is still not decided, but someone knocking on our door who should not even know where we live is scary. Mimi, my little dog, where are you?!
Anyways, being intrusive is obviously a bad idea, because any business that might have happened was stopped immediately. Hubby said sometimes he wished he could spank this sort of people who are all money and no manners. :)

I'm getting old now :)
… And it turns out that I need glasses, only for reading though, so that I won’t get a headache and my eyes won’t tire that quick. Finally, after all these years I can get an intellectual touch. :) At least while reading. Ok, here is another little secret from long ago. Actually I should save this for one of the memes, but now is a good time, so why not. During my studies I bought a black glasses frame, sixties style, with plain glass. I never needed glasses before now, so they were only an accessory for me, but I simply loved them for that reason … and I am still absolutely convinced that some people treated me differently when I wore the glasses. The glasses gave me a more respectable look it seems. Too bad I lost them. :(

Awesome news
So, hubby was hiding something, and tonight I saw the flight time for next Monday ... Why would he have such a date on his desk?! Well, I asked him, and spoiled his surprise unintentionally. :(
... My in-laws will be visiting next week. Woohoo, this is awesome, as we haven’t met since their Christmas visit. I am so happy to have them here again. They can see how much their granddaughter has grown in these few months, and we'll make it a great time. I can't wait to see them, because they are so incredible. If you are in need of in-laws that are welcoming, warmhearted and love you for who you are, well here they are. :) This is so exciting, and for me much better than last time, when I almost had a heart attack from hubby's way of surprising me. Only one weekend and they'll be here! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I have some more things to tell, but cannot do so now. 
At the moment my hope is that life will not be too busy, so that I simply manage to blog more again. 

wishing you a most wonderful weekend!!  :)