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Friday, November 15, 2013

my triggers which lead to me feeling more consciously submissive

Most times it is just enough that Master is there and speaks to me. When he does that he often does it in a rather claiming and demanding way. It depends on the tone he uses then, but in general his voice is a real trigger for me. He has other ways, too, but this always does the trick.
Being bound does that too, the less flexible the more I feel it. The time before I get a punishment, the waiting for it, and in addition, being lectured, that's his voice again then.
When I am told to do something which is not vanilla, that starts something in me too, like being told to kneel down in front of him. If I stand naked in front of him, it can happen, though that is not always true, because I like being naked (at home) in general, so this is not only connected to submissiveness. It surely happens, if he is still clothed and I am not and he inspects me. Then I am fully aware of my position, see him as my Master only and have this itch to please him. And when I am already in this condition and he deliberately talks to me in this comforting way and calls me his pet (works sometimes) or, even better, says something like 'good girl', I am all done. I love this tingling sensation in my stomach and below that I get from him doing such things and it creates this feeling in me that I am almost like an outside audience watching him and me. Sounds abstract, I know. 2nd attempt: It is like I am watching a movie, though I am fully aware of everything he does to me then. This is not subspace I am talking about, it is more as if I feel every sensation around me more intensely than before, but I am still fully aware of everything, not in some kind of trance.

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