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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

the quality dominant

I couldn't resist the title, though I do not want to leave the impression that dominant partners are like objects (that's their sub's part, if they like it).
I always wanted to write a list of qualities a good dominant partner should have, according to my ideas only. The list is based on my personal experience, it includes what I have learned so far, which means it is to a certain degree a list that is based on my own dominant partner/hubby/Master. It is an incomplete list and should not be misunderstood as a list that claims to be valid for anybody else. If you have different needs, your list would surely be pretty different from mine. Still, I think some of these virtues are more or less universal.

1. trustworthy

2. sensitive towards the one he is in charge of 

3. able to take responsibility for the both of us

4. protective

5. honest  ->closely connected to number 1

6. be able to judge situations correctly ...

6.1  ... and act accordingly -> a matter of self-control, which is a must-have

7. be able to communicate with a partner, not only on a superficial level

8. care for the well-being of his partner

9. be able to stop bratty behaviour in a partner

10. be able to see the difference between bad behaviour and emotional issues

11. wanting to lead and decide for his partner (tricky: I want that from my Master, but in our relationship, I also want to have responsibility for it, because I think that only two can make a relationship work)

12. he should know the ropes  ... and chains, scarves, candles, whips, crops, etc. 

13. he should know how to tease, how to drive his partner crazy; sometimes a single touch in the right moment means so much more, at other times you need a hug, or being caressed, or something like that  .... and he has to enjoy this to be good :)



  1. Hello Sir,
    Yes, I think I am very blessed with hubby, but I think my list actually looks bigger than it is. I am pretty sure that your wife would easily come up with a similar one, with the focus on what she needs most. E.g. my need for someone who is protective is something I know is definitely not shared by all women, it is just my idea of a good dominant partner.


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