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Sunday, November 24, 2013

What I enjoy about pain - what I hate about it

This is only about physical pain, because emotionally painful situations hold no pleasure for  me at all.
I don't think that I am a pain addict at all, because I clearly differentiate between the good and bad kind of pain. The good pain is connected to pleasure. It would never be pleasurable, if it was not built up very slowly in intensity. So, if somebody suddenly came up and pinched me in my bum (hello foothills 1981 :) ), three things would happen. 1. Master would come and give that one a real thrashing 2. I would feel bad for what had just happened 3. I would hate the pain and definitely not be able to eroticise it. For me it only works well with a very slow build-up. It starts like a soft massage, maybe it just is a massage at first, then it is a very light spanking, or soft whipping, then you use the crop, lightly first and then over time, it intensifies. That is what gets my juices flowing. I don't need the cane for that, it also depends a lot on my emotional state. Sometimes what we would consider a light spanking, would be more than enough for me. That's Master's job to identify and judge how much I can take in a session, because I easily lose myself in such moments and am busy dealing with all kinds of emotions that I have then. In the end, I have been carefully prepared with this slow building up of pain, which would have been all nasty, if it had started as severe as it sometimes ends. But if done right, that alone is enough to get me off. If Master then touches me in the right spot, he can send me to heaven without actual intercourse.
Another way to inflict lovely pain in me, is if he starts mixing light pain which increases lightly over time, with other sexual activities. If you try squirming around, away from sudden, unexpected light pain, but at the same moment you feel lovely sexual sensations, it is another -rather quick- way to send me reeling to heaven. Playing around with ice cubes and candles is a bit like that, too. Be careful with the wax though, we have tried different kinds of candles and some wax is too hot on the skin to feel nice. Either use other brands, go for low temperature candles (which are more expensive) or let the wax drop down from a higher spot than before. Don't set your bedroom on fire, have a fire-extinguisher next to your bed, too!
The bad pain section is easy to deal with:
-getting your finger jammed in the door -> nasty pain, because there was no slow building up of it .... imagine that
-punishment from Master -> nasty pain, definitely no slow building up, it is meant to hurt
-headache ->same, s.a.
the list could go on forever, if it is not done and intensified slowly, pain does not work for me, and I know from some friends that they cannot eroticise pain which is not built up slowly, either.

But if it is done the right way, wow!


  1. I'm confused as to why I was mentioned next to the 'pinching your bum' statement. Trust me, I don't make a habit of pinching anyone's bum other than my wife's! LOL! I guess you mentioned me there because of our discussion here: ?

    In all seriousness though,this was an interesting post. It makes sense that pain, especially if it's not too serious, and done in the right context, can be arousing.

  2. Hello Sir,
    sorry, I did not mean to put that in the wrong context, it was really only meant as a little bit of teasing, because we had this bum-discussion going on.

    1. Sorry I couldn't tell. Didn't want your husband to get mad or something if he read that the wrong way lol.

      Have a good night!

  3. Hello Sir,
    sorry that my reply is late, thank you that you are that considerate and I have read your post on rudeness prevention and hope it works out well .... and of course,
    happy Thanksgiving


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