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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Can you name 54 things that make you happy?

This is something Ana Vitsky did in January 2014, and since I love lists I thought I'd also give it a try. :) However, Ana did not want the typical answers that would come, so her rules say 'No friends, family, work, bubble baths, alcohol, or food.'  For me, the idea behind this list is to think positively, which is awesome. :) 

There is no order in it, I just let the thoughts come. If I did not count right it is because I am maybe a wee bit tired, but feeling better, which is because of Kate/Katharina and Tilda and hubby; in addition, my besty came over for a few days and helped (a lot!). So, Amy is definitely t h e major reason why I am tired but feeling in a good place with enough energy to write. I couldn't see granny yet, which I'd love to do this week together with Kate, but hubby and Amy have already vetoed this for the next days, and I'll also have to wait and see what my midwife will say tomorrow. All of them want the best for Kate and me, which makes it easy to do as told, although I can't wait to show granny our little one. :)

Ok, the list ... 

1. The lovely smell of a baby!!! :)
 Smell of leather
Strong, vivid colours
Looking at paintings
Anything Monet 
Round flowing shapes 
The smell of catmint
A light summer breeze
Changing sheets
Sleeping in a clean bed
The first sip of fresh water when you are really thirsty (is that food?)
Going to England (hm, this is about family, I guess)
Listening to Swedish
Listening to Gaelic
Watching Flamenco dancers
Wearing new shoes without blisters
Watching toddlers play
Playing with them! :)
Being hugged. You have no idea how susceptible this makes me.
Giving a loving hug
Cuddling toddlers :) ... I am stretching the rules, I know
Making a present 
Being physically close to someone (not sex!)
Learning something new
Frozen cobwebs in the sun
Anticipation of a good girl spanking
Clean, folded laundry
Putting it into the wardrobe
Wearing clean and freshly laundered clothes
Leaving a plane alive after the flight
Finding my favourite childhood doll in a box
Working in the garden
Planting new flowers and waiting for them to grow
Painting and drawing pictures
Sculpting with clay and wondering what the product is meant to be :)
Sitting down after standing for hours
Singing favourite songs
Helping someone else to be happy
Creating something new
Finishíng a DIY project
Planning a sewing project
Sewing it
Looking at a self-made dress
Preparing a meal and being told that what I cooked was delicious :)
Creating connections and keeping them up (I am sorry for being away from here so much lately!)
Good news
Making music
Listening to the early birds at dawn
Holding a kitten or puppy 
Laughing (the good kind of laughing)
Reading books
Sitting under a sky full of stars with someone I trust and enjoying the moment (stretching everything here)
54. Chocolate (that is not food, is it?)
54.1 If chocolate i s considered food and not soul-nourishment, I'd add blooming sunflowers :)

You know, not mentioning family and friends is sooo almost impossible when writing about what makes me happy, food almost as much. Hm, I think I need to diet soon. :)

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Monday, January 18, 2016

She is there!!!

Woohoo, today, we returned home from hospital. We, that is Hubby with Tilda - who is a big sister now - and Katharina, our beautiful second baby! After making me wait for nine days she finally thought it was about time to come last Friday, and after a rather quiet start into labour it went pretty quickly, we took only a good six hours from the first contractions to first kisses. She is sooo lovely and sweet, and healthy and always hungry. :) 

We have already found out that she has a strong and loud voice, because after sleeping away her exhaustion she has been crying a lot, for no obvious reason. I guess the first nights at home will be shorter than short, but the doctor and midwife reassured us that all is ok with our sweetie. And tonight, Kathy has finally fallen asleep nicely without much fuss. :)

The discussions about her names have not stopped once between hubby and me. She has three names, like Tilda, and just like Tilda is just the short form for Mathilda, Katharina will probably end up with a short form as well. I like Kate a lot, probably because I am a fan of the British Princess, and there are some that I cannot use, because that would be too confusing (Katie and Cat are two nice ones that are already taken :)  ! ). 

Anyways, I'll try to catch up on you as soon as possible, but since the nights will be really short, I ask for leniency when my comments are completely lunatic! :) For now, we are just happy that  Kathy is there and all went so well for us. ... Did I mention happy?! :)

Wishing you all a wonderful week!