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Adult content warning!

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Oh, look, my hair is so long - Oh, I undress immediately for you, Sir !

After a far too long and arduous week, Master and I have finally plenty of time at the weekend. The week itself was somehow bad, because he was at work most of the time and we only had little time with each other, which we really hate. Why should it be different for us than for everybody else?!
But finally, Saturday morning was there, where I do my best to please my Master, just by doing all the nice things that are connected to serving your loved owner. So I prepared breakfast, woke him gently (8 pm sharp, or else ...) but since Master did not tell me how to do so, I thought it would be nice to sneak quietly up between his legs and so I did and started licking and sucking him. I could immediately feel that he was awake and since Master did not stop me, I continued until he was satisfied. I got a warm-hearted good morning from him, and of course a lot of kisses, hugs and some lovely caresses. But not more at that moment, although I would have loved that. Master could obviously see that I was a little disappointed but apart from him grinning, I got no other sign that he was up to something. Oh my, I was sure that I would have a hard day, because my own ideas had made me horny and I did not know how to cool down again, which is pretty frustrating. Master went into the bathroom, had breakfast, so had I, and then we discussed what had to be done this morning. Actually there was not much to do, because we try to keep the weekend mornings free from work, if possible. Well, this morning there was something. Master told me that his hair had grown too long for him. Oh joy, oh joy. Actually his hair was rather short then, because I had cut it only a few weeks ago, but I also knew that Master said that just for me. So off we went into the bathroom, chair next to the shower. Master sat down and waited for me. Ok, let's see, scissors, towel, comb, ups, I'm still dressed. So I undressed, because that's part of our ritual when cutting Master's hair. When I was all naked, I started, slowly. Master sat there quietly and let me do my work, whenever I could I moved a bit, to tease him, pressed my body against him again and again. You can imagine that cutting hair can take a long time, if done the right way. Finally, I had finished and had already felt that Master was well aroused, just like me. Since all these nasty bits of hair keep sticking to sweaty skin, we went directly into the shower and there we washed each other for a long time and then Master gave me my reward for being such a good girl. It felt so fantastic, making love with the man of my dreams under the shower, warm water, his hands, kisses, caresses.... well I better stop this here, because I can literally feel him again, but this time I don't know whether he would allow me to get satisfaction again. Anyway, Ladies, if your partner still has hair on his head ( :o), and you like to tease him, go for it. But don't forget the shower, or use a bath tub, or just use the bed, kitchen table, or any other place you love.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

tease him, you naughty girls !

Yesterday evening Master had a nice suprise for us in store. Master had told me to dress up so that I would look my best and he also wore a nice, dark grey suit.  We went to a chic and exclusive restaurant. Everybody around looked very posh, ourselves included. We went there as husband and wife, not as Master and slavegirl, so that we could talk without any rules or rituals between us. I love these times, because they create a lot of intimacy and they make you feel special and cherished.
Right from the beginning I felt a little bit jaunty and carefree, and Master as well, so we had some joking and teasing right from the beginning. In the restaurant we had something like an alcove and nobody was around to see what was going on in our little place. Master ordered prawn for us and while we waited, I slowly applied a little lipstick again, and I had time enough to see that Master enjoyed to see me doing this. Actually he observed everything I did and I took my time deliberately with it. Then the prawns finally were brought and I started eating them. It was meant to be done using a fork, but fingers were ok too and far more fun. I pushed every piece of prawn slowly  in and out, in and out, in and out. Master obviously reacted physically to this, which was so funny to see, him, the guy who has everything under control, shifting around on his seat while I was playing with my prawn and nibbled from it at times. Well, he enjoyed it a lot, as I found out soon enough. We had a little dessert later on (very delicious, fluffy chocolate mousse) and I started teasing him with that again, by licking the spoon very slowly, and slowly and up and down, I think you get the idea. It was just the kind of thing Master would have loved to have been done to him right at that moment. I knew that I could have ended up under the table and between his legs doing exactly what I had teased him with, and actually I had sort of waited for it, too, but he did not tell me to do him right there. I was glad that he did not, because I think I might have looked dishevelled then and I enjoyed looking like and being treated like a princess for a night so much. No, Master was kind and only in the car, he started pushing up my dress so that he could fondle me a bit, which felt great for me. It made me all hot, because I hoped that it would lead to fantastic sex later on. It was not more than this little bit of touching in the car, but once at home, he could not undress me quick enough and we ended up in bed, satisfied, tired, relaxed, and talking and laughing a bit.
So, Ladies, if you have the chance, go eat prawn, tease your Master/partner/Dom,....

P.S., order sauce or dip in an additional terrine and not all over the prawns, if possible; it is easier to tease him, if you keep dipping into it and slowly lick; if you do that repeatedly, you will surely have a fantastic night.
P.P.S. If you love cooking, you can do the same with all long vegetables that you have at hand, just prepare some dip, the rest will follow ....

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh look, there's trouble ahead - let's get there!

Early Thursday morning, my Master had given me some additional cleaning to do. Well, I like being a housewife, so there is no problem for me with cleaning the house properly. But he also gave me directions to clean the dishes first and put them away before I finally start vacuum cleaning. Usually this is the way I'd do it anyway, but sometimes, you just don't want to be told the things you know, because it is so annoying. You can probably imagine what happened next. Master left home and after a while I had all dishes cleaned and dried nice and neat, but of course silly me did not put them away. I let them on the table, intentionally. Ok, next step: vacuum cleaning. All nice done, and then, right after I had finished and turned around I sent some cups and saucers crashing onto the floor.
I knew right then that I was in trouble. Master accepts mistakes, if they are really not my fault, but this was just the kind of situation, that I find myself in again and again, because I am sometimes too stubborn. This incident had already ruined my day, and I knew that this was not the worst part yet.
Late in the evening, when Master came back home, I was already waiting for him in the corridor, like I always do. I held my eyes down, as I am supposed to do in many situations, but since I also had a  red face and my guilty look, he knew exactly that I had done something wrong. After dinner I was allowed to tell him and I did and apologized.

By the way, if you have something bad to confess, try to let him have his favourite meal first. You might really get a bit less than you deserve for punishment. But don't try to manipulate your Master, that would be acting against his trust in you, that could ruin your relationship, in the long run.

So, he took me into the bedroom and I got lectured and punished with the cane. I deeply regretted that I had acted against Master's instructions. Although he also hugged me for a long time and made sure that I had understood all well afterwards, he sent me into the corner for a short while and then to bed. This was a sad night, because of what I had done. I am sure, if it had been a good day, we would have had a very nice night, but not if I misbehaved like that.
At least I knew that it was all settled again, because after punishment and aftercare, everything is forgiven. The next morning, Master woke me up. Usually I would be up first and prepare everything, and I would have done that gladly this morning, to show that I have learned my lesson (at least till next time ...). But this morning I was too late. He had already been up and prepared breakfast and then we stayed in bed for breakfast and you can imagine what happened then. This was really fantastic sex, slow, soft and intense. Master wanted to make sure that I feel well, because he knew that I had been down and exhausted from last night's punishment. Too bad, that the time in bed was over too quick, because I would have loved to be touched by him the way he did, all morning. Finally, he had to leave again, which I didn't like, but at least he had no instructions what to do in which order, therefore the rest of the day was not difficult to handle.
Since it is Saturday today, we had no real time limit for being together this morning. Master took his time with me and I still feel I am in heaven, though I can barely walk again.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

chains, rope and scarves - curse, blessing, trust and some advice

Monday morning Master thought that it would be great to have me in chains again. Yes!, I thought, at least at first, because my ideas only circled around the part in bed. And that would be marvelous. If you have never been bound in bed, try it, it is definitely worth it. It already makes me itchy when I just think about what he did to me then. Master prefers the metal restraints, but if you don't like that, get started with a scarf, to tie your hands, e.g. above your head. You'll love it, if you can stand this kind of tease and denial. Your partner might be one who enjoys doing this kind of torture to you, so you might have hard moments, where you really start begging for release and he just goes on. If your partner knows how he has to touch you sexually, you'll end up in heaven, with some time in hell inbetween. Add a scarf to cover your eyes and everything will be far more intense, btw. Oh, and if you are a bit like me, you are at his mercy once the teasing has intensified and that means that you would promise anything to him, just to get your reward, and I mean anything! Ladies, sorry to say that, but If you really have had such moments, you know why you will always be the one who has drawn the short straw. It is not magic, though it feels like it at times, it is just that he knows how to tease you. He knows where to touch you, mentally and physically. It is something that I wish everybody could have.
Don't forget, it is all about trust, so if you don't have enough trust in your partner, think about the situation you are in.

Well, later in the morning, after I had my very intense reward and after I could walk again, I found out what else my good Master had in store for me. He made sure that I wouldn't walk around much, I was meant to be in my chains for the rest of the day (hands and feet) and the following one as well. It is not really bad, because whenever he keeps me chained for longer periods of time, he also makes sure that I only do easy chores at home. Nothing where chains could cause danger, like ironing, cooking or walking stairs. So, after one and a half days in chains, I am without them again, though I don't know for how long that might be. If it were not for the household chores, I would probably be in them continuously, which I would not mind too much about, if I had my  Monday morning experience every morning in the week.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why D/s ?

1. deep and growing trust to my Master, there is nobody else I would trust that much

2. communication; we exchange our experiences, likes and dislikes, emotional states etc. I think it is so lovely that we have found such a deep level of understanding and love, and I connect that directly to D/s, because you have to talk, to make it work

3. sex sex sex .... it is never boring for us, always something new, always different, sometimes painful but always combined with pure sexual desire/lust

I can't think of any other reasons right now, because memories from last night came up :)
But the list is completely incomplete :) It's just a starter.

I  am sure you have other reasons for D/s, or maybe another order?

Wow, I have a reader

Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate that a lot

To talk or not to talk - that is no question

If you -as the dominant partner- have a healthy D/s relationship you probably know exactly what it feels like to let your sub be silent and don't give permission to speak. If you have never tried it, do so, I think it is extremely erotic at times to be unable to talk, just because your Master said so. It can be annoying too, at times, sure, but if you -as a sub- have your times where you could talk to your Master/Dom/Mistress/Domme, etc. (you get the idea), it should not do any harm. For me being silenced contains a wide range of emotions, most of them good ones, but also a good bit of frustration at times, for example when only one little touch in the right spot  would send you into endless bliss (<-- this is only the physical bit, imagine the same if you feel you need to communicate something you consider somehow important, but you are not allowed to). Don't get me wrong though, if necessary, I could always tell Master, no matter if I had permission to speak or not, but if it turned out as something that could have waited without doing  any harm, .... .

Friday 13th - my lucky night / talking in our relationship

I loved last night, I was already half asleep when Master started waking me up slowly and in the best way I could imagine, by kissing, caressing, touching me gently everywhere and letting me feel like a princess in heaven. This was all without  any commands or rules, it was just for me, after a long week with a lot of work for the both of us. After one of the loveliest and most relaxing moments in bed that I ever had, we talked and talked, before I finally dozed off.
In the morning it was more or less like always, when I prepare and serve breakfast nicely, but Master was relaxed and pleased with me and we had another lovely time to talk. I have always thought that talking a lot in a relationship and good sex are a very good combination to get closer and reach a higher level of understanding each other. Master always knows how I feel and I know that he uses that to his advantage as well, for example by restricting the times when I am allowed to talk to him freely. But I am so glad and happy that he cares for me so much and makes sure that I have lots of moments where we can talk, just like any other married couple does. It is so important for us and I feel like I would wither if I could not talk to him the way I need to.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Love stories and blushing

I started reading Fire after Dark, another love-story, where him and her have to find ways of coming and staying together against all odds. I like that Beth is such a dreamer and that her imagination also flares up in the wrong moments and others can see it, red face included, of course. If you have read Shades of Grey, you know what I am talking about, because there it is even more obvious, Anastasia blushes all the time. That's a talent of mine too, though I think that I have never blushed as often in my life as she has within the first fifty pages. but the stories are fantastic, for me it is like standing there, between them and watching them. Oh, and I am not a literary critic, so be lenient.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sex = intercourse? Nope!

Today after hubby came home, we had a nice time in bed, just cuddling, kissing, hugging, the complete opposite of what I sometimes imagine when I think about slavegirls (black leather, whips, chains, hot wax, pain, humiliation etc.). But last night was completely different. It was such an intimate time, where we could feel so close and full of joy, that's pure sex for me.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

when to blog and what to blog?

Hopefully I manage to write a bit now and then about our relationship. Master does not always allow me to go online and often there is not much happening at home, apart from me analyzing our relationship to death, until I am upset and feel distressed for no real reason. Maybe I manage to use this blog here and get things clear.--> self-therapy?! Diary?! I have no idea yet, and it is just my rambling, but this helps when hubby/Master is not here to talk to.

Perfect moments

Today was one of these moments again, when hubby/Master managed to make me happy in an instant. I was just preparing lunch and he went up from behind and  breathed to my neck, which I always find very erotic and then he whispered to me, that he loved me and waited for a moment to see my reaction. Actually, I could not react much, my hands were dirty and I was busy with the food, and I am sure that he enjoyed my weak attempts to turn around without being able to do so in that moment, because he was grinning broadly at me, when I turned my head. At least I could give him a kiss ... maybe it was more that he gave me a kiss as my head turned, but it felt lovely to me, it was very intimate, ehm, maybe also because he was touching my bottom slightly at first and caressed my waist immediately afterwards.
I would have loved to stand there forever  with him, it felt like a perfect moment, but as always, these moments are only short and all returns to some kind of daily routine.