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Friday, November 18, 2016

Love our Lurkers day 11 - welcome :)

Hi everybody, sorry for the dust around my blog, but this year I had more of this feeling that there are simply not enough hours to do what I want to. Maybe you know what I mean. Uhm, maybe I am just bad at time management. But I am still happy that people stop by and seem to read here. Thank you for that. I appreciate this a lot, and if you like to, leave a comment. :)

Any news?
Not sure, but maybe there is no real news. I am still exiled with the girls because of this horrible man. Actually he is not even allowed to come within the vicinity of our house, but I am not sure if reminding him of that while he is trying to do what he wants to is really going to stop him. I have my doubts. 

As a result most weeks hubby is here during the weekends, and during the week I have different ‘bodyguards’, sometimes my sisters, at other times friends, and most of the time Amy, the best friend you could ever have. Nobody wants us girls to be alone here, which is considerate (<-understatement), but whenever this topic comes up I have this urge to justify why she is around so much more than anybody else.
Well, first of all I have not asked her to come around so much, it is what she wants (she insists), and of course I love her, and even more for what she is doing for us. However, any attempts of mine to kiss the ground she is walking on have embarrassed her, so I changed my plans to spoiling her as much as possible. :D She tries the same, spoiling us, I mean.

As you can see, if there were not some sort of stalking maniac after me, and hubby away during the week, life would be almost completely awesome. ‘Almost’ because of my granny’s ongoing fight in hospital. I have had some ups and downs because it makes me so sad, and it is frustrating me a lot that there is no reaction ever, but this is the new normal for the time being. I like this better than the alternative. In down moments I feel different and hate myself for that. Ok, this was the negative part, sorry for that. Let’s come back to the awesome bits!

We do sneak into Hamburg occasionally during the week; hey, where do you think I leave my time?! Driving around - but only into some parts of the city. Besides, since I am such a city kid, being here in the north is still like being on holiday! We live in the countryside, somewhere pretty close to nowhere, but this is a lovely place. And we have met a lovely couple with a little daughter, which is even better, because playdates for Tilda! :)

So, it seems there are no real news from over here, and I am simply glad that LOL-day is two days long. Things are just as busy as they are during the week, because hubby is here, and we girls want to spend time with him. It has become pretty late, but I simply enjoyed writing again, and tomorrow I’ll be visiting blogs. :)

Thank you for visiting here,

wishing you all a happy weekend, 
a happy Love Our Lurkers day 2016