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Thursday, November 14, 2013

My favourite songs (shortest version possible)

This could be another endless list, but I'll make it pretty short

Joni Mitchell and The Chieftains, The Magdalene Laundries.
(This is a really heartbreaking story and sung most beautifully)

Juliet Turner, Broken Things
(I think it is not available any longer, it is from Across the Bridge of Hope, in aid of the Omagh fund. If this does not touch you, ...)

Macklemore, featuring Mary Lambert, Same Love
(lovely song, about same sex rights, none of us likes HipHop, usually. This song is the sole exception, because it is beautifully arranged and touching)

Bono and Gavin Friday, In the Name of the Father
(no, we are not Irish nationalists at all, but we love good music)

Flogging Molly (more hubby's, too loud for me)

Mumford and Sons, Babel/Red Rocks Live
(I don't think you could stop dancing when their songs are played, I can't)

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