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Monday, June 8, 2015

Cornertime instead of spankings again :)

We’ve had a very busy time again, not all was good about it though. But then again, we definitely have awesome news too. I’ll try to be concise … haha, yeah, as if.

My very sweet parents-in-law were here. They have had time for us, and in addition they have helped redecorating one of the rooms (as mentioned in my last post). We had so much time to talk and reconnect. Wonderful. They have made us so absolutely happy with their visit and I miss them more than I can say, and since I am somehow getting worse at saying good-byes lately, Tilda and I did not bring them to the airport. It was hard enough seeing them leave, but making a departure a prolonged experience is too sad atm. I do feel guilty because at other times I would have enjoyed the other hour being with them, but currently that would shake me up too much. I love them both, and especially with my mother-in-law talking is so easy and we have this connection. Seeing them leave again was so hard this time.

The very sad part of the last two weeks was that we have lost two friends of the family within three days. One of the two was much closer to me than the other one, but my parents are devastated about both, and this has created a lot of sadness here. For me, especially the loss of this one friend of the family is hard to endure, because he has been such a wonderful and charming man, and he has always been so full of life, as if he was overflowing with it. Imagine one who is close to you and makes you laugh in the best ways when he is there. That’s him. He was so interested in people and made you feel important and cherished, just because he talked to you. This is gone. I am sorry that I mention all this here, but seeing him and another friend go is something I still have to get my head around. We had hoped that he would be better, not lose his life. :(  Seeing him go also made the time with my parents-in-law even more special, also because they caught me in some of the sad moments. However this is not meant to be a down-post!

When good news come
I am glad that my mother- and father-in-law were here. They are so lovable and sweet, and in a week when not all was as good as we had wished, having them was the best that could happen. Both of them were there and I could simply hug them, which is wonderful. Maybe I am needy, whatever, but that I had hubby, Tilda, mil and fil to hug any time I wanted to, was the best that could happen. Some of you might know that I am definitely into hugging, and currently so much more than ever.
Apart from the not so awesome part, we do have all reason to be happy. We have good news, like in the best news, too. We are going to have our second baby! :) When you read this, I am in my tenth week! 

The beginning of the second trimester is not far away and just like with Tilda, I simply could not wait till the twelfth week to tell everybody. The good news needed to get out, as I have been close to bursting for several weeks by now.
My parents-in-law learned the day they arrived that they’d be grandparents again. :) I wanted to tell them, face to face, urgently, this couldn’t wait! It was so lovely, they have been as happy as can be, and also grateful because they got to know early and not on the phone. This has been so much better.

No more spankings … boo boo boo
With baby growing in me, I am out of the spankings again. :( Not good. When we started them again, life became so much easier for us here. I do silly things, get a spanking, won’t do it again, feel better, end of story. Now, keeping up discipline is tricky. I have had a few moments over the last weeks which would have caused a sore bum. I’d have appreciated that. Seriously, not the pain, but the feeling that I am really held accountable and being able to get over it so easily by being spanked. 

Instead I get loss of privileges now, and lots of corner time lately. I mean, after being spanked, corner time is good to come back, to think. But when you are a little fidgety and have no spanking, then corner time sucks big style. Since I am currently in my third month and feeling awesome once I get up (not too much morning sickness!!), I can still stand while facing the wall. Hooray! :) Well, this is not like a winner situation, because corner time is still boring. However, I like the idea that I am able to stand. Last year when I got corner time, I was sitting on a chair because my bump was a wee bit heavy towards the end and my ankles were swollen and standing quietly became more of a punishment than anything else. I hope I’ll be better than last year all in all. I think in some weeks back then hubby must have felt as if he was punished by having me around him, and last week I have not left a good impression either.

I mean, with no spankings in sight, (of course) I got a little sassy, against my will. I didn’t mean to, and it is in my/our best interest if I behave. Well, I didn’t, so hubby restricted my computer time. … I had no better question to ask if I could lend his language recognition software from his office, so that I could dictate everything I couldn’t write down myself because I wasn’t allowed to. …This is the wrong question, let me tell you, it is the wrong one! Hubby was speechless at first and I found myself in the corner faster than I could comprehend. Either hubby is rather quick with corner time these days, or I am really bad lately. Dunno, I want to be good for him, though. Besides, I can claim being hormonal and having a fuzzy brain as an excuse. :)

Fuzzy brain and her key
Before I forget it again… maybe I feel physically awesome (sleep is an issue though), mentally I have felt for weeks like I am forgetting everything and being unable to focus. Much too early, I thought that would happen later!
Oh yes, and accordingly I have been so confused that I lost my front door key. Maybe it happened while shopping, but how am I supposed to know. … You may guess now who was less amused than I. Yes, right, hubby was not happy about the lost key. So, we got a new lock for the front door, and I had effectively been grounded for the last weekend. My caring Master left me the choice, either I wouldn’t use the computer till Monday, or I wouldn’t have a key. Easy choice. :) Seriously, hubby was not really annoyed, he said as long as our address is not on a lost key, all will be fine. I mean, it did not stop him from having the lock replaced, but he knows that I lost the key by accident. He has more foresight in these things than I will ever have. I know that because I do stupid things without wanting too, like opening the front door, walking into the house, putting Tilda down, and then forgetting to close the front door for another hour! Happened this morning and I even passed the open door at least two times and did not notice.

Hammock time
Like last year, I have hammock time! It was my favourite place with Tilda and I could sleep better there than in any other place. I’ll have far less time for my hammock this year, but we have good weather currently and Tilda’s play pen has been outside on two days, so that we could chatter while I was in my hammock and she played next to me. Summer, we are prepared for you!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!