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Friday, October 25, 2013

have you locked the door? yes, wait oh no,damn it, I'll go get the cane, Sir

Last Wednesday, when Master was not at home,  I left the house with my shopping list in my hand and my thoughts already dealing with preparations for lunch. Since there have been burglaries in our quarter of the town, Master has told me again and again to keep the door locked, always and under all circumstances. And of course, I really meant to, and did so most of the time. After I had forgotten to lock the door while I was alone at home a few weeks ago, I only got lectured. But last Wednesday it had happened again, and I had no excuse for that. I guess it was only because I had been elsewhere with my thoughts. Even after I came home again, I did not think about the door, which was still unlocked, but then I knew, that Master had returned and I thought he had forgotten to do that. Ehm, no, it was me.  Once I had put away my jacket and greeted him, he asked about the door. I was still a bit confused, because I still had this idea that everything was ok. He just shook his head and waited for my reaction. I tried to think harder but finally I could only admit that I had simply forgotten it, again. He was furious, but I could see that he was actually only relieved because nothing had happened to me. I felt guilty and wanted this situation to be over, so I asked if I could bring the cane and receive my well-deserved punishment. Master agreed and just as usual, once it is over, it really is over. Although I don't like the real punishments, I am glad that we have that way out of situations which end up with days or even weeks of sulking, arguments or a tense atmosphere in  other households. Oh, and  I really learned my lesson, this is a quick way of teaching me.

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