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Monday, March 17, 2014

Make it cozy for me, please, with a little bit of extra cozy

Today I feel like a flat tire. Deflated, tired, a bit cold, did I mention tired? I did my chores, it is early afternoon here, started my catnap, woke up with a headache, went to the loo, still felt tired, drank lots of water against the headache, went to the loo, tried a second catnap but couldn't sleep, went to the loo again. It was more like drowsing, waking, still a headache, drowsing and back to the loo. Well, then I thought I could write a few lines here as well.


I think today is my first official day of cozy. Hubby and I have talked about it. Usually I am completely into dressing up nicely. Blouse, skirt, stockings, heels. Everything, I love it and feel good when I know I did something to look good. But not today. We have bought some clothes for the time between dressing my usual way (when you can still see my hips, not only guess where they are) and wearing maternity clothes. I like some of it, e.g. tight shirts, because even though it is still a small one, I am really proud of having  my own baby belly. Still a little one, but growing and I want to show it, once it does not only look like I need a diet. 

Therefore I prefer wide clothes at the moment and wait until I think 'yeah, that's a real belly' to show off.  But, if I need to feel comfy, I can go for warm and comfy clothes, of course. Hubby says he doesn't like women in pants ... but he likes me pregnant and wants me to enjoy it, as much as  possible. And since it is no big secret that not all the changes are always going to make me feel good, I have been given carte blanche to do all it takes to make me feel good or better. ... I am a  responsible person ... uhm, no. But I wouldn't act against hubby's trust in me. 


Still, today is different. I hereby announce my first official day of cozy, again. I got some warm light grey leggings out of the wardrobe, wide warm dresses, ha, even some new warm wollen socks. And some of my pullovers are warm and soft ones, of course. My favourite one has a big wide turtleneck, and it is wide and long, it is light beige, like the socks. Just like a warm blanket you can dress in. That's what I need today. Everything has to be warm for me. I feel like curling up on the sofa with tea. Apart from me hopping over to the computer to publish this, I do drink warm tea. And I cuddle with a big soft cushion. It's also warming and very comfy. I could read or try another catnap, but I will surely have a soft and warm blanket all over me. Before I go to the loo again, that is. 


Usually, if I just want to be in a cozy spot, I'd switch on some music, or at least the radio. Try that with a headache. No, instead, the loudest sounds that you could hear around me today is me stirring the spoon. Softly, I really don't want it loud today. But this nice ting ting is a sound I enjoy. One of the few sounds I like today. Maybe it is anticipation. My mug of tea leaves a nice fruity smell around. I love that and can barely wait to have some of it. But first, I'll have some extra honey :) in it. I can't stop smiling while I put honey, more honey, into my tea. The light fruity vapours actually make my head feel better. Hmmm. more tea  with lots of honey. Just the right thing today. ... And then off to the loo again, for sure.


Yummy yummy, if there's tea, my cookies are not far away either. These are not self-made. They are some nice bought ones. Danish vanilla rings. And you can dip them into your mug of tea. Yummy. I had thought about chocolate. But that was too much for me. I think I have eaten more than enough in the morning and also was hungry during lunch. Chocolate would have made me feel bloated. Without it, I only feel a little stuffed :) These differences do matter, sometimes. But I think I have to get up again and find the chocolate cookies. I hope you all see that I am working on a compromise solution here.

The living room

So, why did I not go to bed? Well, I love our bedroom. It is the place of a lot gardening for me with hubby the gardener and me, the garden. It is also the place where we talk, usually. It is also the place where I got disciplined, where we do scenes, where we spend all time together. It is not boring in it, I could listen to music, too, if I wanted that today. But for me, our bedroom is a lot like our 'we-room'. It's where hubby and I -we- spend so much pleasant and exciting time together. I think even more time than in the living-room.

I mean, the living-room is also a nice room, and for building yourself a comfy, cozy place somehow just right. If I switch the light on, it is warm glowing.The sofa feels great, the armchairs too, but they are too small to curl up and stretch again during the afternoon. I have the remote, I could almost say hubby's remote, because when he is there to watch, he claims it. No criticism from my side! Now, I have it. Watching tv during the afternoon is dead boring. Especially if you just want to be in a cozy place. And there are better things than tv.

If I had more energy today, I'd put on some more warm clothes and go into our workshop and draw or paint, but today, sitting on a sofa, tea in one hand, cookie in the other, well covered under a warm blanket, sounds like the most interesting thing to do. And then, a little catnap again. As tired as I felt so far, I have no doubts that I will be sleeping immediately once I go to bed. It's a fit of hibernation.

But don't believe just because I am tired and not leaving my cozy spot, my naughty thoughts have disappeared. But they are a little less dramatic today, more traditional, like cuddling on our sofa and then doing more. Even in my imagination I smell my tea.

To make it a perfect day of cozy, hubby would have to be here with me. I guess, then we'd end up in the bedroom quickly and we'd be in our cozy place there. But I'll have to wait for him, until he returns in the evening. Up to that time, I am not going to leave my cozy place, unless I have to. The loo, you know. In a way, this afternoon also qualifies as a lazy day, of course. I mean really lazy. Currently I don't even have enough energy to phone my friends, instead this is a day where I actually enjoy the silence. Hmmm.  So, this is t h e day where I enjoy the silence, because usually I'd be on the phone, meeting friends, turn  the music louder. But today is different. It's the official day of cozy, therefore I'll sip some tea now, munch my cookies, stirr the spoon and try another nap, before running to the loo again. 

 Do all you can against headaches, they are really a nuisance. Drinking much water usually helps me a little, tea is fine too. Till October I am not willing to take any medication that I don't have to, just to make sure that all is well with baby. If it is a headache, there  are some alternatives. Hot showers are not for me at the moment, but they help too. If it is more than a headache, oh my. I hope I never get there for the next months. I'd call it another day of cozy then, I think.

I hope you all have a nice and cozy day, with everything pleasant that you could wish for. And if you need a good idea what you could do when meeting friends or family, hug them. I went to hubby yesterday and did just that and it turned into something very enjoyable. Maybe that happened because it was full-body experience hug at home, not in a shopping mall. :) Enjoy your day!

PS:  I do know the difference between cozy and coziness.  But 'a day of cozy' sounds far more attractive, because it is different.


  1. Must be nice and cool there for you to wrap up so cozily. It is far too warm here! Love reading about your little baby bump. I know you are so happy about that. Enjoy your tea and cookies and your cozy day.


  2. Hi Sara, yesterday it was all too cold. I think it was just from the inside, but all is well again. I love my baby bump, and at the moment I can't wait for it to be bigger, like, more visible. Hubby and I enjoy it being there so much, and we have a lot of time just snuggling together. Currently the belly area is pretty sensitive, so I don't like being caressed at that spot too often, but most of the time, it is just great. And with each passing day our confidence that all will be well, grows, too. I have never been beyond the sixteenth week before, but even then it felt differently. This time it feels far more as if it is all just the way it should be. I guess that's why I am a bit exuberant sometimes here, too. Up to now, all has been so good and I had less trouble with my baby bump than in some months without one :) . And now I'll parade my little baby bump into the kitchen and get some tea and extra cooky calories. (I think this is the first rule I do not stick to. I am eating as if there is no food tomorrow, and do enjoy it endlessly. In October I will be so fat that I can only wear a tent.)




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