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Monday, March 31, 2014

Food and body image


So far, I have had different advice about how to eat best for the next months. Count calories? Well, I have already failed at that. But now that I don't count them any more, I actually pay more attention to calories than before, so, in a way, I am still at it. But the majority of opinions went into the direction of 'do it the way you like it best'. Yes! Chocolate, here I come. NO! If I did that, constipation would be the next little problem I'd have. So, this means 'bye bye chocolate'. Hmm, I'll give it a try.

In addition, there was another piece of advice that I got and found really good: Don't feel guilty just because you ate something which was not the best choice for you and baby. I think I am not going to forget that one. The truth is, I eat pretty healthy most of the time and enjoy it that way. Now and then I eat a little more than I should. Sometimes I eat wrong things, too, when I have ravenous appetite fits. A friend of mine has told me her mum had eaten cigarette ash ... Hey, I am still perfect, compared to that.  Besides, 'Get over it' - that's what I should really do if I don't manage always to do it completely right. I'll try to be better, I am working on it, every day.

Body image

Talking about advice, there is one thing that I am currently extremely relaxed about. I am talking about my body and my body image. There is one piece of advice that I did get from friends, but most of all from hubby. I think hubby has always worked hard to give me a positive outlook on myself. I am talking about things that made me feel bad, like feeling fat, having a big bum and so on. Hubby kept telling me that I am fine the way I am. I am not overweight, I do my exercises and love them, I try to stay in shape. I have had days/weeks where I felt good and attractive as well. And still, too often it hits me and I am not at all pleased with my body. Legs too thick, bum huge, feel fat, breasts too big/too small. Depending on my overall mood, I cover the whole agenda of being dissatisfied. In a way, I always found this was normal. Friends and hubby say, no it is not normal and there is no reason to think in a negative way and if some judge others because of their bodies, they are only superficial and horrible people. 

Ok, I struggled with that, for long years, like many women do. But not now. My primary concern about the overcritical body image that I used to have, is, that it could come back when our little baby is there. Well, but this negative image might never happen, so for the moment, it can wait. In addition, I have learned to be more relaxed about body issues over the years, I am not always the slowest learner. :)

Well, and currently I am very pleased with my body. I don't feel bad, feel healthy and enjoy the way it develops. I even like my shape and enjoy eating a little more than I would otherwise ever do. So, at the moment I'd say pregnancy has taught me what friends and hubby have already said for years, though what they told me did not always sink in. 

There is one thing that hubby has said over and over again, for years, too. He did always find me attractive, and he always saw things in me I don't understand. I love that, ... makes me feel like a miracle :) . But he said something else, too, concerning my body. He never wanted to change any of my body. He never loved me for the prospect of a body I might have in the future. He wanted what he saw then and he loves me for what I look like now. According to hubby, he would love me the same, even if I had 50 pounds more. It doesn't matter to him, the body question is my problem, not his.  And at the moment I can listen and enjoy his message. It has finally sunk in.

The problem was on my side, because I could not always cherish what he meant. At the moment, this is different. We are getting closer to the number of weeks that we have never before passed successfully with me being pregnant. And all we can do is hope that all will be well. But this time, I feel physically better than ever before. Therefore, our hopes are high that all will be well with baby. And this feeling that all is well and will be well, makes many things easier, for example talking about some of my most annoying issues, such as my body image. 

Sorry for my rambling, I guess I made some of it sound worse than it is, and if I have learned anything through blogging, then that how I write depends on my mood. The morning was a little rough, but it's getting better again.

Tomorrow is laughter-day, maybe even laughter-month, Sadie's invention. I am sure it will be fun for all. :)

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