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Monday, March 31, 2014

If you could get one question answered...

This is another short video, neither funny nor sad, but it got me thinking. 

 Hmmm, I think I'd ask what I could do to create happiness for our family. 

Maybe not brilliant, but I would definitely not want to know when anyone I know dies or something like that.


  1. Too many questions :) Can't pick one! Just for fun I would say "What are the winning lotto numbers?" If
    we won the lotto SM could stop working and spend more time with us (his family.) We could finally move
    to the beach, sail, travel, breathe. It would be nice and we could help our families! I would love to take the
    financial stress from both sides of our families. Ahhh I wish that would happen.

  2. Sara, I am fully with you there. We don't have to worry too much about money, as long as hubby has enough work with his business all is fine. Well, in the past it has not always been as easy as now, but currently there are no problems.
    I can imagine how fantastic having a house close to the beach would be, lol, I think we will only be able to visit the beach now and then during holidays. And taking the financial stress from our families would also be what I wished we could do for them. That would make a lot easier for all of us. Hmmm, really difficult, so many questions to ask :)


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