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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Odd baby names

You know, we have had our ideas for the names of our babies for years. The decision-making process of hubby and me was always the same. Hubby would hand this over to me, to look for names I'd like for baby and he'd agree or disagree. The only condition that we both had was that we'd like our baby to have one of our parents' names as part of baby's.
So I thought, since we both had agreed on that in the past, we could go for Emily or a similar name, because we both like it. And now, it is all back to zero. We are not sure, because there are so many beautiful names. We are starting all over again.

But we do know a few names we'd never choose. I might appear a little on the judging side here, but there are actually kids somewhere who have one of these names. I think that sometimes the traditional approach, where you think about the well-being of a child, is more important than the crazy ideas some parents have. Sorry, I have a fit of intolerance I guess.  I am also sorry if I offend anyone now, but I imagined what the children would feel like in some situations with these names. And I am not sure that the parents also did that. Sorry, choosing names is an issue at the moment and will be for a few months.

Nevertheless, lean back and enjoy some crazy baby names


Satchel (son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen)  I learned this word at school, for a kind of bag you can put schoolbooks into.

Pilot Inspector (Jason Lee, the comedian) I don't know what job this is, but someone should have stopped Mr Lee, I think.

Audio Science Clayton (Shannyn Sossamon's son) This gives Science lessons a completely new meaning.


Diva Thin Muffin (Frank Zappa's daughter) The name makes me hungry and aware of  weight gain.

Tu Morrow (Rob Morrow's daughter) She has more traditional names, tu  too ->Simone Ayer, and Tu could also be Latin and means 'you', second person singular. but the pun is definitely there, isn't it?

Moxie Crimefighter ( Penn Jillette's daughter) I don't know what Moxie might possibly mean, but it has a cute sound. But Crimefighter? I thought the proper name for female crimefighters would be something like officer or police woman.

I learned that Bart Simpson has nice ones too, but you have to say them loud:

Amanda Huggenkiss

Anita Bath

(source: She knows parenting)

This is from the Baby Center Report, they are all names which have been given to a child
  • Swag (two in 2012)
  • Butt (three in 2010)
  • Hotdog (two in 2012)
  • Butterbean (6 in 2013)
  • Phone (three in 2013)
  • Freak (34 in 1995)
  • Poopy (three in 2010)
  • Superman (two in 2012)
  • Mushroom (three in 2008)
  • Elbow (three in 2009)

(source: Time Newsfeed)

Therefore, when we decide on baby's name, I only hope we find halfway decent ones.


  1. Oh my! I can't understand why anyone would name their child Poopy or Butt but I actually thought
    Tu Morrow was quite clever :)

    My husband wanted to give one of our sons a girl's name or name him after a sea creature. I asked
    him if he also wanted him to be beat up at school. We settled on regular traditional names thankfully.

    sara :)

  2. Yes, Tu as a name sounds rather normal compared to the others in that list and though I wouldn't want it for baby, I think it is still ok.
    Sara, I am glad that you went for the regular traditional names, because some names are actually like asking for trouble. Lol, a sea creature? Now I am curious :) and my imagination runs wild with all the funny possibilities that exist.



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