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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Haircuts are sexy :)

I know I have written about cutting hubby’s hair before. But he told me that I will have to be ready at 11 am for cutting his hair. Ok, lots of things to do for me then: scissors, towel, a chair, all ready in the bathroom. Ok, all that’s left is to undress, then :) . You probably know what’s coming now. But I am really excited about cutting hubby’s hair, because it is so much fun to do with me teasing him and him reacting, and also teasing me. The result of me cutting hubby’s hair is almost always the same, short spike, military style. 
Actually, as long as we turn hair cutting into the sexy affair it is, anything else wouldn’t really work, because I am wriggling and squirming a little now and then, when hubby touches the right spots. Try to stand still and focus on the hair with your partner’s hand between your legs and actively trying to arouse you. And then don't forget that I also try to move around him innocently, only to cut his hair, of course. Occasionally, my breasts might be right in front of his nose (maybe more his nose between my breasts), and I am standing there with one of his legs between mine, but that's all pure coincidence, of course ... :) 

So, in a way, cutting hair is a kind of foreplay, for what will surely follow in the shower :). I mean, after all you have to rub off all the cut little pieces of hair from everywhere, haven’t you ? I love washing hubby from head to toe and do all the nice things that two can do in a shower. And hubby enjoys these moments too, as I can see and feel. ... I think I’ll double-check that all is prepared, just to make sure it will all be fine.

Currently, this is still the pre-haircut time (20 min. left) , but I am already fidgety and waiting for it to start. I am insatiable, I know. 
Enjoy your Sundays and I really hope you find your hair-cutting moment too, it’s definitely a good one :)

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