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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The list of confusion

This is a list of random facts and feelings I experienced lately. It is part of my ongoing  random rambling ritual :) , which happens more often lately. Sorry for that. I did not do enough gardening today and we went out of cream, too. And I ate the cucumber, out of all veggies.
Most of this list is on the silly side of things, probably because I am yawning all the time and can't focus on  the serious side of life or anything else, with the exception of sex, of course.

1. The one person I should have listened to this one time, long ago: my best friend; she has appeared here in one or two texts, starring under the name Amy. I love you for all you do. She does not know about my blog, therefore I'll meet her later on today and give her a huge hug, for being there.
She warned me against a boy who proved to be so nasty. This mean bully hit me with a shovel on my head :| . I was four and he was five and taller. We were in nursery school and Amy had said that this boy is mean. I did not listen and paid dearly !

2. The most puzzling thing that happened to me lately: This one time it is not pregnancy, but pregnancy is awesome, marvelous, lovely, fantastic, supercalifragilistic, better than everything, etc. I think you understood the basics of what I meant.

No, the most puzzling thing that happened was this mid-morning, when hubby came back home - unexpectedly- with a little bunch of flowers. Snowdrops were in it too. He looked as if he wanted to propose a second time, his eyes were like it, but he was so serious and  full of love that I was excited and very curious and not afraid of what might come. He gave me the flowers and said that he loved me and that I am all that matters to him.

If you stand there, preparing veggies, more or less in heat and suddenly your husband pops up out of nowhere and tells you that, you would also become emotional. I did. I was deeply moved and happy and crying and smiling at the same time. We only had little time for gardening afterwards, but even without more, I was am so happy.

3. The list that annoys me most: My list of unfinished drafts in my blog. 20 incomplete and growing.

4. I really enjoy doing everything concerning household chores. .... I really do, ironing included. And doing laundry was always something I liked a lot, because you can see so quickly that you achieved something. I think that's very rewarding, in addition to the feeling of fresh sheets which you can do all kinds of things in, even more if you have the hormonally enhanced dirty romantic kind of mind.  Yummy!

Well, but currently laundry is a real challenge for me. I think it is because of Hank. He has already told me that he felt neglected and wanted more physical contact. I mean, even a washing machine has physical needs. I can understand that because Hank's needs are not far away from mine and in a way, we complement each other. He does the spinning and I feel good. He can be so sensitive and delicate or very wild and I feel good. But I don't want that kind of relationship with Hank. I think I'd have problems with my husband then. And currently both, hubby and Hank are attractive. They both can do sexy moves which really make me hot :) But, Hank, I am sorry, I can't do that.
As you can see, it is a little difficult for me to be too close to Hank. Even reminding him that his wife Hankering might appear any moment can not stop Hank, once he is spinning.

Therefore, since I don't want to fuel ideas of Hank and me being more than housewife and washing machine, I avoid the room he works in most of the time. Hubby will be so proud, because I wait for him only. Sorry Hank.

5. We are currently thinking about baby names again. I even have a drafted, half-finished text about it. Maybe I'll publish some of our favourites later on. The confusing bit about the names is, that we start from scratch again. The last years have changed us and therefore what we like as names, has also changed a little. Those we had chosen in the past are still under the more important ones for us, but we are not sure that they are still our favourites.

6. I do enjoy pickled gherkin now. Another stereotype fulfilled. Yippie! I have no morning sickness, but have tried to roast sausages for lunch.  Only the smell of it was so unexpectedly gross for me that I threw it all away, and more.

7. I am still trying to finish my text about our rules. Maybe I manage without being interrupted by inappropriate thoughts. But I enjoy these thoughts, too. Maybe the finished version about our rules will always remain one of the big mysteries of blogland :) Who has seen it? Is the wisdom in it worth all the dangers connected to it? Is it true that those who have tried to retrieve it have all been squashed by a walrus-like being with a huge cucumber in her hand? (imagine the music from the X-files now, please :) )

8. I am unable to tell a decent joke. I can ruin any punch line and sometimes me telling the joke is funnier than the joke itself. But I have a preference for little mean jokes, which I absolutely enjoy and find embarrassing at the same time. If I get red ears from it, it was a good one for me. That's why I love the internet, because here I don't tell jokes, I simply post them.

9. Currently all changes for me. There are moments when I am touchy and a harmless sentence makes me sad, whereas something which would have let me erupt only three months ago, doesn't affect me much any longer. Then again, I smile more about the little things, too, which is great. Yesterday I watched two lovers walking down the road, they were strolling, her head was against his shoulder and this looked so utterly romantic to me, that I started dreaming again and those two let me smile just from passing by. 
 I don't know if that is hormone related or not. But when I experience these moments, I almost feel like my own audience, listening and watching what my own reactions will be like.

10. I talk to Hank, our washing machine and am almost waiting for an answer. Seriously, I went into the room and actually greeted my washing machine with 'good morning, Hank' today. Well, but Hank is a bad guy at times. He only starts working for his girls after they push the right buttons on his massive body. And he doesn't really like answering decently and becomes rather loud quickly.

This is something I found while looking for a picture of Hank:


  1. Just don't name your child Hank! :-)

    1. OmG, that would be horrible after all I have already been through with my washing machine Hank. I'll definitely heed that advice :-)

  2. LOL this was so adorable. I love your writing. Poor Hank he will just have to become close
    to his wife Hankering. Maybe they can learn to do DD together!

    I loved reading about how your husband brought you flowers. So happy for you both and
    praying everything goes well and sending you so many good thoughts!

    Your list here is inspiring me to do my own list. If I do, which I probably will, I will link
    back here.

    love to you

    1. I did a short DD related list and added a game twist. :)

    2. Hi Sara, sorry that I am late with my reply. It’s restricted computer time for me, so I cannot go online as often as I’d like to.
      The moment when hubby came in and brought the flowers was absolutely marvelous. I think what made it so special was that he came back unexpectedly, just for that. He absolutely brightened my day with that, more than just that day :) I am still grinning and start dreaming again right now, just from thinking back.
      Sara, thank you for your prayers and sympathy, because this really means so much to us.

      lots of love


    3. I loved your list, and I have already answered your quiz. I can’t wait to find out what the true results are :)




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