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Friday, March 28, 2014

The hubby post and the UTI post

This is a combined post, the first is bragging about how cool my hubby is :-) 


the second is about how uncool UTI is and what could help prevent it.

1. The hubby-post

This is a bit of a post where I simply show off about hubby and one characteristic he has shown very much lately. Well, he has always been protective, because he knows that I need that from him, and currently he is very much like a brooding hen. I thought that's me, but obviously I am wrong. I love hubby for showing this side so much.

 I am happy to have a protective husband...

... because he'd stop anybody who bothers me

... I always do feel safe with him, I mean this emotionally and also physically

... he cares and shows it

... he is my own body guard now. The background for that is actually a very sad and serious one. Police have found a dead (murdered) woman only about 30 (?) km away from us. It's maybe 20 minutes by car. They have arrested a friend of hers who had watched videos that showed excessive violence. Thank God this guy is under arrest, so there is probably no danger. 

But hubby won't let me go into the forest alone at the moment. It's either with him or with one of our friends - or not at all. If he could, he'd rather go with me, but that's not always possible for him. Besides, I have never felt that there was any danger when I went jogging through the woods. But that there was someone murdered not too far away, is pretty scary and I understand and appreciate that hubby wants to see me safe.

2. The UTI - post

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): I don't have it and do hope to avoid it. Nevertheless, my doctor gave me some ideas how to prevent UTI.

Pregnant women are prone to UTI because one of the hormones will allow the uterus to expand. The reasons why we might get UTI then, is because this hormone also relaxes the muscles of the pelvic floor. I think all vaginal muscles relax because of it. I have only had one sneeze so far where I immediately knew that my doctor was right about the relaxed muscles part. If I had not been at home, it would have been embarrassing for me. Well, those relaxed muscles might allow nasty bacteria to enter and as a result, you could end up with UTI. 


-As usual, proper hygiene is very important. 

-Drink more water, or even better, also drink cranberry juice. She said pure cranberry juice would help a lot against UTI.

-Kegel exercises help to strengthen the relaxed muscles of the pelvic floor.

-I'd recommend using panty liners. It helps, not only in case you sneeze :)

If you have a burning sensation during urinating, or even worse, there is blood in your pee, you  should go to your gynaecologist immediately. There are safe antibiotics you can use to treat UTI during pregancy.


  1. Yikes, that is extremely scary! It's such a nice feeling to have a strong, protective man by your side. My husband is a soldier and I know what you mean when you say you feel emotionally and physically safe.

    And, cranberry juice is the BEST for UTI's, but be careful not to get cranberry "cocktail" which is sugar water with cranberry flavoring. You probably don't have to worry about that though; the US is the only place I know of that sells "juice" with no actual fruit in it. We love our sugared water here.

  2. Hi Autumn, hubby has been a soldier and some of this has never left him. In a way I think it is also part of what I find very attractive in him. So, I really have this feeling of alround-safety with him. Urgh, I hope that I won't have cranberry cocktail, because too much sugar might also add to the risk of UTI. I'll try to get the real juice instead. Too bad, actually I'd love some 'sugared water' now, too, sounds pretty yummy right now :)

  3. Glad hubby is there to be so protective of you. It's a good feeling I am sure although I know how it is to want a bit of freedom.

    You can also take cranberry pills which do the same thing as the juice. I don't like cranberry juice much :)

    Hope you are feeling well. Hugs!!!

    sara :)

  4. Yes, hubby is very protective and although I really enjoy that, sometimes I want this little bit of freedom, too. Usually I get that, because he doesn't micromanage me, and hopefully, I can go alone in a few weeks, again. That would be great.
    I think I'll try the cranberry pills, too. The juice is ok, but I can't have much of it.
    Today was a garden day, a real one in the garden. :) Good weather, digging in the dirt, everything is relaxed, hubby and I really do enjoy this weekend and feel fantastic. I hope you have a lovely Sunday in sunny weather, too

    hugs and love


    1. We had a garden day yesterday. We are preparing to do our planting. Honestly we should have already done it
      but better late than never. We bought lots of seeds: several types of peppers and tomatoes as those are my
      favorite things to cook with, celery, onions, cucumbers, taragon, cilantro, and oregano. The children also picked
      out pumpkins and watermelon though I don't have much hope for those. We are excellent at growing the peppers
      and tomatoes though and one year we had TONS of onions. This year I only bought scallions. The seeds were
      put into starters yesterday and the two garden boxes are nearly ready to plant in. I want to do potatoes too. They
      are so much fun to hoe up! Seriously that is my favorite gardening activity to hoe up potatoes and cook them.
      I loved it even as a child.

      It's amazingly gorgeous here. It usually is though. Most of our "cold" weather is gone until next year. I am enjoying
      the sun, the breeze, bikeriding, watching all my little animals outside. It's a good time right now.

      love sara

    2. Wow, that really sounds like you had a wonderful day. We have more flowers than vegetables in our garden, but some nice seasoning herbs, like thyme, cilantro and oregano are there too. We had some veggies during the last years, carrots, onions, red radish and lettuce, but this year I have only strawberries and we have loads of lavender around. It takes some time, but when it finally blooms, it looks lovely. And later on I cut it and put the flowers into little pillows, for the good smell in the bedroom.
      Yummy, I have never grown scallions here, but I’d like to, because veggies are always better when homegrown and scallions are great. Well, but not this year, hubby wants the garden simple, so that I don’t have to do too much in it. Reading and writing about the veggies lets me think about all the delicious recipes. I hope that your children are successful with their pumpkins, because you can do so many good meals with that too. Have you ever tried mashed rutabaga? We don’t have that in the garden, but get rutabaga from a nearby farmer in autumn. I love that. It’s pretty stew-like. Yummy :)
      The weather is getting warmer here, too. It’s great and I’ll spend far more time out in the garden, too. We don’t have animals here, yet. But I hope we get a pet once baby is there. I think watching your animals must be a great thing to do. It sounds very peaceful, in a nice garden, with the kids, in sunny weather. No, actually it sounds perfect and I hope you can enjoy this many many times.




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