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Monday, March 10, 2014

Gardening with cream - slippery, but so yummy

Well, I do like a little gardening, and the winter has not been too harsh here, so there are some things that needed to be done early this year. And that leaves me with lots of things outside that I’d rather drag into the bedroom again. It has not changed yet. When I went out this morning (Sunday), I saw the  water-hose. In the street nearby there were some boys playing with skateboards. Do you know what happened? I immediately established my own top ten of erotic household items. That’s what happened. The skateboard and the water-hose were in this list too. The hose was among the top three, by the way. Talking about erotic items. Yesterday I saw that we still had a can of spray cream. …. If hubby had been nearby in that moment, I’d probably immediately left all clothes and sprayed myself with cream, for hubby, as a little snack. So, this still continues to happen. I eroticize everything. And it is a little distracting.
And try not to turn everything into something sexual. When I went out in the garden, hubby also joined me there, to do the men’s work. It’s his euphemism for not allowing me to carry anything which is heavier than a toothbrush. Guess what you can do with a toothbrush. I have an electric one. This way of thinking still keeps happening all the time, sorry guys.

Back to hubby. He told me that he doesn’t want me to carry anything heavy. I mean it’s not as if I wanted to carry a piano or Hank through the house. It’s just been a bag full of gras and old leaves. It was not heavier than an ordinary shopping bag. He wouldn’t let me carry any. He’d take it and bring it wherever I wanted to. And move with his lovely sexy bottom in front of me, until he would disappear around the corner. I saw his sexy bottom and then the thought with the can of spray cream came back the same second. Hubby did not know about that, at least not at that time. A moment later he came back, around the corner, out of the shadow, into the sun and lifted his base-cap. Slowly, to move his hand through the spiky hair. I could see every muscle in his arms, at least I thought I could. It was almost like a tv commercial for shower gel and gradually, it became really hot in here, in the garden.

I stood there, as if someone had forgotten me at a station, with three little white snowdrops in my hand and could not move. I was dressed like Old MacDonald’s wife with hubby’s wellies, which are five sizes bigger than mine, so I think I really looked the part and hubby was always around, in the sun, moving, straightening his back, feeling good, stretching his body now and then most favourably, simply looking like a sex god. A dressed sex god who left me slobbering just from being visible. And I still stood there with my three little snowdrops, in giant wellies, unable to move. 

When hubby came over and asked if all was fine, I really had to swallow hard, because he had managed to leave my mouth dry. I think I had stared at him for a long while with my mouth open. If it had been someone else, it would have been embarrassing, but since I had not moved for at least five minutes and could still feel the effects he had all over me, I just told him that. I said that he looked like sex on legs for me. :) Uhm, this was not what I had wanted to say precisely. I had thought about something more eloquent, something with the word ‘erotic’ or ‘attractive’ in it, just to keep some rest of dignity. Oh heck, hubby is the one who knows better. The next thing I said was “Please, do it to me, now, please, please, please. There is whipped cream in the kitchen.” I don’t know If hubby understood the connection between do it to me, please and cream, because I had explained nothing. But hubby really had t h i s look, he shows in moments of utter sympathy. I stood there, in his huge wellies and I must have looked so needy. He understood.

My own idea of what my facial expression must have been like, is comparable to what you look like, when you really have to go to the bathroom, urgently. Well, I think mine qualified as an emergency too. It was midmorning, I had thrown any dignity away for the minimal chance of hubby doing me, in the garden, in the garage, or elsewhere and felt my ears go red, because once it was said, I felt childish, greedy and a little embarrassed - and horny. Usually I’d wait for hubby to initiate sex, but lately I have become pretty daring, I guess.

Well, hubby grabbed my hand and took me right back into the house. He never let my hand go. We got rid of our shoes, he pulled me into the kitchen, turned around to watch me and only asked 'cream?'. I think I must have grinned like an idiot, but I nodded, so he grabbed the spray cream and took me into the bedroom. He did not say any other word, until we were upstairs. He directed me onto the bed and undressed me head to toe. I enjoyed that endlessly. I think what was most exciting in this moment was that he was so businesslike. I felt like a fire and he was my fireman who knew what to do. 
Actually I wanted wild, uninhibited sex, quickly, but I did not say anything, I just let things happen. I was waiting on the bed and hubby undressed quickly and joined me, with the can in his hand. He started using that on me and since I really could barely wait, he was generous in quickly applying cream all over me and licking that away again. Well, I think I was almost pushy in this situation, but hubby gave me all I had asked for this morning (wild and uninhibited). 

After my first two orgasms I had finally realized that there was something in my hand. It was my three little snowdrops from the garden. I had kept them in my hand, all the time, undressing, cream and bed included. They looked a bit shaken, like me, but I couldn't stop laughing because I had clung to them. Hubby thought it was because I enjoyed what we did, which is also true, of course. Then he went on taking care of my garden, because currently my garden needs a lot of attention. :) 

We did not do any more gardening in the traditional sense, outside, this morning.


  1. Wow. My libido just flared up while reading this! I can hear my husband moving around in the kitchen, but sadly I'm already working and expecting my second morning client any minute. I will have to deal with runaway hormones until late tonight!

  2. Hello Tomsrose, I think if my hubby moved around in the kitchen, he'd be in danger of being jumped by me. Currently his every movement is like an invitation for sex. Enjoy your runaway hormones tonight :)


  3. LOL you are having such an exciting adventure there! I love that you kept the snowdrops in your hand
    but didn't realize it until the end. Glad you guys are having a good time with the garden :)


  4. When I saw them in my hand I really couldn't stop laughing, because I had been so focused on this gardening hubby did. He is a great gardener and I am very grateful and happy about that. And currently dead tired from hubby's gardening and hormones :)



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