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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Sadie had this idea, to write about a funny event that we had, to be published on 1st April or in April, to allow more bloggers to participate, under the title ‘Laughter’.

So, a few years ago, we went to the Baltic sea. It was a hot day, all we wanted, was to laze about and go swimming. I even had brought my new swimsuit. I had not worn it before, only tried it in the shop. It was white and I had only bought it because we had been in the sun so often that I had a nice tan and thought this would go well with a white swimsuit. Well, hubby said I looked great and I loved it, too. Ok, all things packed for lazy time. The beach was already pretty crowded when we arrived, but we found a nice spot in the sand. First, we tried the water but did not go into it. All was fine, and the hot weather was just right to get more of a tan and then, afterwards, I’d go swimming in the cool water. Hubby had been in once while I was still roasting. 

The second time, maybe an hour later, he would not accept a ‘no’ from my side. Lazy day or not, he wanted me in the water. So, we went into the water. After heating up it was a shock at first, but it felt great. We swam for quite some time, I think. We even caressed out in the deep water, and actually hubby could have seen the state of my swimsuit. He didn’t, maybe it was that it did not matter in the water. Finally I said that I’d go out again. Hubby is a sports-monster, hence two times in the water was not enough for him and he wanted to swim a bit more. But I went back to the beach and slowly, relaxed I went out. I really took my time, because with each step the hot sun warmed my skin and that felt great after being in the cool water. 

I turned around to see where hubby was and I could see him far out in the water. I stood there, right at the water’s edge. Then I turned around to go to our little spot where we had a blanket, bath sheets and dry clothes. I thought that there were a few people looking at me, but I didn’t really bother, because I felt cool, white swimsuit and tanned skin is something I really like, so I felt really good…. until I looked down my chest. I had expected that you could maybe see a little shade of my nipples. I had not wanted that, but you could never know. Well, I absolutely had had no idea. My swimsuit was almost invisible because it was wet. So, I stood there, only dressed with an almost completely see-through swimsuit and our bath sheets were still a little walk away from where I was. People were watching.  Some were ignoring me, which I was grateful for. Some were almost excited. After all you could see everything there was to see. Since I had come out of the cool water, my nips were erect too, of course. And when you feel self-conscious about them, nips do never appear small, no, they poke through everything and are huge. If only that had been a nudist beach. I would have felt better there.

I mean, I don’t mind walking around naked, at home. At the beach I’d maybe take off my top, to get a tan without the silly white strips. But I’d do that preferably with one of my friends, because she’d do the same and then it is not really embarrassing. But I wasn’t prepared for wearing an invisible swimsuit among the crowd, for everyone to enjoy. 

So, I tried to walk straight line to our little place, as if nothing extraordinary was going on. There were several men whose eyes almost fell out, as if they’d never seen a woman in a transparent swimsuit. Hmmm, coming to think of it, they probably really never had. Anyway, preserving some dignity was what I wanted to, so I went along the beach as if I’d always walk virtually naked along beaches. A short moment later I was back, took a bath sheet and my sunglasses. Bath sheet first, ok, all covered. Sun glasses next. Ok, nobody would see my embarrassment. Apart from the red glow all over my face and ears, that is.

I did not go swimming again that day!


  1. That happened to me when I was a teenager! I had a pool party and didn't know my white bathing suit (also new) would
    be see thru. So embarrassing.

    1. Sara, oh no! I can relate so well. Swimming as a teenager was always a problem for me, even without these things happening. When I had this white swimsuit, I really loved it, it felt very smooth, far more like a second skin than my old and boring one. Well, it was too much skin-like :) and it really was embarrassing, because I had had no idea.

    2. I didn't have any idea either until years later when I was dating one of the boys who came to the pool party. He said he
      knew he liked my nipples because he had seen them that day thru my bathing suit. I almost married him too. I am so
      glad I didn't though. He didn't turn out to be a nice guy after all. Some people do not mesh well together and should only
      be friends!

    3. Lol, I imagine the conversation that you had. 'I like your nipples ... will you marry me?' :) If you were that close with him, I think I wouldn't have had much of a problem talking about such intimate things. But if someone you don't really know says something about my nips, I'd be awfully embarrassed.
      And you are definitely right that some people should only be friends. I can completely relate. Hey, we won, because we both married the right men!



    4. Oh no, I was actually mortified but thankful I didn't know about it at the time. I didn't notice my bathing suit
      was see thru until the party was over and I went to the bathroom. Then it was several years later before I
      got together with R and he made that comment. I didn't know whether to be flattered or slap him! lol But I
      guess it wasn't his fault he could see thru the bathing suit and he was a teenage boy at the time.

      Yes we are lucky. SM is definitely the right guy for me.

    5. I am with you, I have had one of those moments too, when a (male) friend crossed the line, but I felt like I could only choose between being embarrassed or very embarrassed. Actually it was my fault alone, because I tried to be cool and failed. :)

  2. Oh my gosh!! That's like a nightmare where you are walking around naked and don't notice until everyone is staring at you! Was this in Germany or in the US? If it was in Germany it was probably no big deal for others to see your suit like that. I took a class in Munich one summer and the whole class was sitting in a circle by the river discussing an upcoming project, when I glanced over at a man laying down next to us with *nothing* on, and he looked, um, excited to be there. Then I noticed that many women also had no tops on!

  3. Lol, yes, it was a nightmare. I have been naked on the beach, but that was a nudist beach and I did not feel out of place there. Well and it was something I had decided to do then. But if it hits you out of nowhere, urgh, no thanks. Yes, it was in Germany, therefore I guess I was pretty lucky, because it was no big deal for many. But for me it was, and usually people don't walk along the beach naked here. Getting a tan without a visible white tanline that's what many do on the beach, so they take their tops off, but not more than that.

  4. Oh no! Must have been awful, and not much you could do. Giggling at the comments LoL.

    1. Oh yes! It was really embarrassing , and if I have any special ability, then it is being in embarrassing situations. I think I could write a book series with that, because my supply of embarrassing moments alone is virtually endless. :)


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