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Friday, February 28, 2014

New observations about your blogs and mine

1. Thank you all, I appreciate the support and sympathy that you give me so much more than I can express here and it really is warming my heart, especially now, with me preparing to be looking like a walrus.

2. According to the sky-rocketing stats, you love entries when I am sort of angry and express that and you love the good news of being pregnant. ... My life is a bit like a soap-opera at the moment, I guess. :)

3. I have found that I have a personal favourite of my own texts. It is The moment of 'hands down!'.

4. The blog entries in other DD blogs are absolutely lovely and exciting and I love them.

5. I keep forgetting what I wrote about in past entries.

6. The text about Self-control is still your all-time favourite. ... And I still have no idea why.

7. But the text with the skull on it is coming closer. Creepy.

8. When I use the words do-gooder and know-it-all I feel like a firestarter, but EsMay said that I was not rude in the article they were in. Thank you EsMay, sometimes I really am not sure if I end up being offensive, and I don't want to be like that. In such moments it is great if someone is there to help.

10. I still speak faster than I think.

11. Sometimes I type faster than I think, too.

12. For the last three days, hubby has been humming 'I am the walrus' whenever he passed me by, while I was blogging. Seriously, you cannot see anything yet, but everytime he does that I keep touching my belly.

13. I like enigmatic and mysterious titles for my entries more than you do :)

14. I still love lists (obviously)

15. There have been  entries in blogland that made me cry out of different reasons. But all these entries had in common that they were written with so much emotional warmth, sympathy and also seriousness, that they are outstanding for me. Some were simply heartbreaking. Somehow, I keep forgetting my own entries, but definitely not those that made me cry.

16. What I read in blogland makes me very grateful about the life that hubby and I have and we have every reason to feel blessed. I may not be too good at praying, but I definitely am into sending my best thoughts to some here who I only wish to have much more happiness and less sorrows.

17. Blogging can lead to unexpected changes in my moods, at least it has been like that for the last weeks. It happened from 14 to 15 and from 16 to 17 again. :)

18. Sorry, still dealing with 15.

18.1 Some of my entries are written in a way that resembles a maze. And readers and writer sometimes probably get lost in them. :) see 17.

19. You guys rock, I love that I can read in your blogs what your lives are like, what you think about, what bothers you or makes you happy, what you feel in happy and sad moments and what you do to keep your relationship healthy, what you do to make it work, how you connect with your partner and what it sometimes takes to keep you in line, too. :)

20. If you have read that far, you might also like lists :)


  1. Hi DF, that's great, I have no idea why, but somehow, I really like lists. Maybe people who like lists are well-structured ? :)))


  2. Hmmm, I'm a list person for me, but with other people, not always. lol I liked how you did it because I understand better when things are explained. I have to admit, I read the meme's that go around, but I get lost in them with so many questions and answers without explainations. I do try to remember some of the things that stood out so that I can give an honest comment at the end. :)

    {{{hugs}}} EsMay

  3. Hi EsMay, thank you that you helped me in that moment, because I really was not sure if it was within limits or if I had already turned into being rude. Hmmm, I think that often I really should explain more, too, but in some situations I just have to blurt out what's on my mind and then it's suddenly in the blog before I start thinking a second time. And if I really started thinking again or maybe put the texts aside, I guess I would not publish any at all, therefore, I am fine with writing and blogging the hasty way most of the time.
    EsMay, when I read your texts and replies, I always have this feeling that they are honest and very thoughtful and I love that a lot and appreciate it endlessly. Often enough my imagination runs wild because of what you share, and that's awesome. A verrrry big hug and thank you for that :)




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