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Friday, December 6, 2013

Behaviour in public and at home

What do submissives behave like in public? Probably according to what they have agreed on with their dominant partner. The same applies to slavegirls. Does that mean that especially slavegirls are doomed to a life in leather or rubber, when they are out shopping for bread and milk? No, not really. I think I would get caned if I ever wore revealing or too sexy clothes outside home.
As should always be the case, Master and I have talked about that, in the past, years ago, and all over again, whenever there might have been need for that, or just to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. Master has to approve of my clothes, but he doesn't do the micro managing, like, what kind of knickers or dress I have to wear. Far too much work. Usually, I put out my clothes in the evening, so that he can have a look and as long as there is no objection from his side, I can wear what I chose. Sometimes he says that I should change my outfit, but since all my clothes are those that he likes, this does not happen too often. And I feel lucky, because he does not want me to be skimpily dressed outside home, or with other people around. At home this is different, I could be naked, wear sexy clothes for him, and there would be no drawbacks from that for his business. I would not feel ashamed, because I know that he likes me the way I am and I like to do what he wants for him.

I guess another reason is that he would not want me to feel continuously uncomfortable because I would not cope easily with being half-naked outside, in the presence of strangers. Making me feel slightly nervous or uncomfortable for a rather short time would be ok for him though, e.g. if he decided to have sex with me in a more or less public place, like a park or a back street. I have been in that situation several times with him and I felt dead nervous, which was part of the fun he had, because he probably knew that nobody could observe us.  He is not out to cause harm, but in his boisterous moments, he likes to create this mix of being nervous and being all  fidgety in me because I always think that somebody will come around the corner in a moment, but then nothing happens.
In fact, we have had bad luck in the past and we were caught once, by the police, so they were not just any pedestrians, no, they escorted us out of the park, just to make sure we would not go on with our activity. Master just laughed about it, though I felt awfully embarrassed. I also know that he did not want us to be caught, but now and then he still teases me with this embarrassing moment up to this day, especially when I get loud in bed, because me being loud during sex was why the police had found us. But they were nice people, all in all ...

Anyway, apart from that incident, all else would probably not even be considered a minor inconvenience. Since he does not want to damage our reputation, we appear just like any other couple in public. Master is a real gentleman with me in public, so that no problems  arise from our way of life. He would hate that, and I think even more so, because I would hate that too. I don't like to feel ashamed, that's something I cannot bring in line with being in a loving relationship with my partner, neither can he.
So, if you know what to look out for, you might spot some minor differences. We might appear a bit old-fashioned for some. I would always ask him, if I wanted something, and if it were, e.g. a drink or food in a restaurant, he would choose for me (this is also connected to good and correct behaviour in general, not only something that M/s-couples do). That he chooses does not mean that I would have to eat something I would not enjoy, because usually he would ask, what I would like to have. But he has to approve, otherwise I can't have it, which is fine with me. Don't forget, we do a lot of talking, about everything. He would never order white wine for me, as an example, because I can't stand that. Fish is tricky with me too, so he would make sure that I get something I really could enjoy. I know, some cannot understand that way of life, but I can only say, it is the best way of life for us. Imagine, having a partner, (a man !), who knows all about your real needs, who also knows your bust size, dress size, shoe size, favourite food, favourite drink, favourite colour, favourite song, movie, tv show, favourite perfume, endless ways of cheering you up, even more ways to make you feel loved and cherished, etc. . And in addition to all that, my Master also spends his time with me, not with some football pals, most of the time he wants us to be together. Need I really say more ...? :)

Sorry, got distracted from thinking about how lucky I am. Back to topic. All gentleman, He would let me through the door first and I would not even be allowed to open the door at all. But I could not simply sit down, either. In a restaurant, a waiter would usually help, in other places, Master would help the lady (--> me ) to sit properly on the chair. Don't forget though, at home I am the one who curtsies or even crawls in front of him, if he decides that. But everything has to be decent outside,  which is lovely, too. When we go to the theatre, or opera, I can be sure that we don't attract any kind of unwanted attention, which would spoil the fun of being there completely.

I would also not initiate conversation with any unknown man. I would wait until I have been introduced by Master. If talked to, I would reply, sure, but I would not encourage anyone, until I had Master's ok. What I talk about is, when we are together, in a more or less formal event. If it were among friends, that would be easier, of course. I would still ask Master sometimes, e.g. if it were about a glas of wine. I would not have more than one, but I would wait for his ok, just for that. More than one is out of question, because Master would have to carry me home then (I am not an alcoholic, but anything with alcohol in it leaves me immediately tipsy or worse, so we really have a close look at what or how much I drink).

Talking and talking: even though nobody outside home can  see that, we are not always of the same opinion. What a surprise. There should never be a problem with having different opinions, and we rarely have any reason to argue because of different opinions, but of course, we have discussions, sometimes pretty wild ones, which is ok, too. But there is one point in any argument which is not ok for Master, therefore it is not allowed for me either: arguing in public. If I have the feeling that I need to express my completely different opinion, I can do so, but polite, friendly and never ever in any offensive form. Master hates rude and impolite behaviour and would never tolerate that. I can understand that quite well and agree, even though I am sometimes the one who is bratty and then the tone might be impolite and that leads to chastisement, and that is good for me then, too. And I mean it!

Master would not tolerate me being in any form impolite. Neither towards him, nor towards anybody else. Being impolite is never ok, but any form of unfriendly behaviour, not saying 'thank you', and similar polite forms would be intolerable. If we talk at home, not in Master and slave mode, just as a married couple, when we discuss things, I don't have to be formal, I could tease him, be cheeky, but whatever we do, there has to be respect for the other one in it. I think this is mandatory, if you love each other. I get respect from Master, because he appreciates that I give control completely into his hands and Master deserves respect from me even more so. This does not at all interfere with me being the one who does as told, whenever he decides.

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