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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

11 prejudices and stereotypes that I had to deal with this year

1. women can't drive (haha, very funny ... ok, you got me with that one, but all my female friends are better drivers than their male partners!)

2. women are the weaker sex ( that's sooo old and sooo bad; who goes into the kitchen with a cold?)

3. women are not good at sports (this is really funny, because I know I can beat most men of my age at running (long and short distance) and swimming, because hubby and I practice every week; and the guy who said that had a beer belly, no joke, and he had a red face either from high blood pressure or from drinking alcohol)

4. blondes are stupid (another old one; I am a natural blonde, so I get this one, usually in combination with being a woman, when I did something with the car again; not from hubby though)

5. women are not interested in sex (oh my, I had a good laugh, because I had heard the next one only one day earlier)

6. women are only interested in sex :)

7. all women love shopping (some of my friends don't like shopping, but it is in general true for me, but not too much of it either; I love it most as an event to spend time with friends)

8. women are flirts (LOL)

9. women are there to cook and do housework (true only with me, and I like that, but I am the exception among my friends, who all have paid jobs, so that housework and cooking are divided between two partners)

10. women are frail (who's giving birth? who?!)

11. women are more peaceful (LOL if you read my blog, you might see why this is wrong; and actually I almost got in a physical fight with a big man who had threatened another woman; he was a real coward)

12. women are bad at maths (I just thought this is the right line for a silly joke)

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