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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


In more than one of my posts I have written that women don't separate sexual intercourse from being emotionally connected, which is a major part of intimacy, but not all of it. Since you can be emotionally connected to many people, even if you do not have this intimate relationship, there are obviously differences. In a relationship of two lovers, the emotional bond is far stronger, deeper going. It reaches beyond what can be described in words, at least I can't put it into words. Maybe this is where your soul is touched and you are seen for who you are by your partner. As I said, I can't find the right words to describe this deep level of understanding and connection any better.
Being intimate is something that shows you how well you know your partner. You know or learn about what is important in his life, what he wants from life and what his needs are. When you have this deep connection, it is easy to see when somebody is hurt or happy. Sometimes it is easy, because emotions are not hidden then, you are all open and your partner is showing what he feels, too. You can virtually read the true partner you are with, see his emotional states clearly where others cannot. We are vulnerable towards our partners and that feels wonderful with them. Integral part of this is communication again, spending time together, so that you can learn what's going on in your partner. Spending time and sharing  what might bother you, what you like or dislike, and of course, as a good way of expressing intimacy, be together sexually, making love, or just hugging, caressing, kissing and all the nice things that you would only do with your lover, not with anybody else. I think if you have that in your relationship, it is easy to feel your partner's love and your partner should easily feel loved then, too. If some aspects of what I consider intimacy were missing, I don't know if I would feel loved by my Master as much as I do. Maybe I would only know that something is not there but could not identify it, unless it were too obvious.
Maybe I should just keep my next thoughts to myself, but actually I can't. I think that many men have ideas about intimacy which are completely different from mine. My experience concerning that is limited, because I have not had many partners before Master saved me and the additional knowledge that I have is based on the biased information I get from my female friends. Apart from Master there is no man on earth I would question in detail about his opinion on intimacy.
This is not meant to be a man-bashing blog, far from it, and I apologize sincerely if anybody is offended by my text(s). And I may be completely wrong with my idea, but I believe that for many men, intimacy is something they keep on a physical level and do not go beyond that. Whereas women see the physical acts connected to intimacy only as a means to deepen their emotional connection with their partner.

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