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Sunday, December 15, 2013

strange day here we come

Saturday was weird at best. I started early on with being thoughtless. While in the kitchen, I wore a rather dishevelled but warm and comfy dress. Now, this is weekend, Master is there, and that means I have to and want to dress better than average, not overdressed, but not in a sloppy way either. I really did not think, I just grabbed some comfy looking clothes jumped in and was busy, until Master finally saw me in my clothes and frowned. He did not even have to say anything and it only took a second before I knew that I was dressed like a soft, comfy colourful ball of wool. I just said 'sorry Sir' and darted out into the bedroom to dress nicely.
I have no clue why this has happened, it was sheer thoughtlessness. The only thing I can say, is that most of Saturday did not feel like weekend for me. My thoughts were still busy with some of the chores and final preparations for Christmas. I am not even talking about chores that I had to do then, because usually I am busy during the week with them, so that we have more time together during the weekends. Out of focus, far away from home, somehow, I could feel it, but was not aware what was going on until Master told me back down in the kitchen. He took me with him immediately after I had come back, nicely dressed this time, and I had to undress again.
I have to follow the dress code Master has set for me, which is fine, because I really like to look nice for him. So, this was a situation where I broke a rule and I thought that I was in moderate trouble. Not like really bad trouble, because I did not do it intentionally. Master gave me a spanking, not the cane, and the spanking was a rather soft one, only a few times it was really stingy. It was more therapeutic than punishing, just enough to bring me back to reality. I was grateful for this spanking, it was like waking up refreshed and though I cannot say that it all felt good, it was nevertheless just right for me.

The rest of the afternoon went better for me, though after dinner I could already feel a little unrest returning. I quickly did the dishes and inbetween was told to wait in the bedroom, prepared,  which means clean and naked, kneeling. You can imagine how fast everything was done, I was prepared in the bedroom in no time. Master had me blindfolded and dangling from the ceiling hook for a warm up with the flogger and crop, which felt nice, before he took me down and I was put on his bed, where arms and legs were bound, so that I could barely move. Squirming was possible, to a certain degree, but not much. I could only anticipate what he would do. He played with hot wax and ice cubes, which felt fantastic. Since I am talking about a strange day, I should add, that even then, it all felt different for me. The candles were the same as always, but they felt hotter than usual. I asked later on about that and Master said that he had used the candles the same way he always does. The wax was all over my front side, and it felt great, but it took longer for me, until I had reached this point when I cannot discern whether I get a drop of hot wax or a drop of icy water from an ice-cube. Usually it works directly with the first drop with me, but this time the cold felt colder and the heat felt hotter than usual. Still, the result was what Master had wanted. I squirmed around, not too successful, because arms and legs were spread and bound, so that I could not evade anything, though I tried. The procedure was always the same. Master drops something on me, I squirm away from the spot once I feel it, then relax again. He stimulated my clit most of the time while he did the wax and ice. And he  knew that mentally I stood beside myself. You could also see that I was somehow out of focus, when he had brought me to the point of no return, where I usually beg to be allowed to orgasm, but this time I just could not, because I was taken completely by surprise. Actually I felt completely out of control at that moment. Orgasm without permission is an absolute no-go for me, it also is a rule and breaking this rule means extremely serious trouble which I would never ever do willingly (->naaaasty punishment for that).
Well, this time it was Master himself who saved me, because when he noticed that I was writhing and my body was obviously reacting without me still being able to decide anything about what was going on, he simply told me to come for him. What a relief, that was a really close shave :) and the rush that followed felt incredible. I think I am going to have aching muscles up to my tummy and down to my knees for the next days, because I felt not only like exploding from the inside, but also like being tense and strained, until my body decided it was enough and went completely limp after it had overexerted itself. Mindblowing. The next I remembered was that Master had taken the blindfold away and I was unbound and sitting next to him. Only after he had done this to me, did I feel deeply relaxed (what a surprise ...) and  dead tired, as if I had not slept for two days. Only then did I feel as if everything was right and the way it should be, no unrest, no thoughts about unimportant issues, just the two of us together. We cuddled a bit, and I am sorry to say that I was virtually unable to speak comprehensibly anymore, even though I tried, but what goes on after our sessions is always meant to help us calm down more and return to reality peacefully. Well, I think I really was at peace then and behaved more like a sleepwalker than anything else. Although we spent a little time after this, it did not take long before Master put me into bed where I immediately fell asleep. It is Sunday evening now and I am as relaxed as can be and I know that I'll sleep well tonight again, because essentially I still feel like in the afterglow of Saturday night.

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