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Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to brighten up a grey day

Master said something so lovely to me this morning. Outside it is stormy and the weather is completely uninviting, pretty greyish. Then I can already feel that I am not at my best today, which Master had noticed too. No, I broke nothing, did not act bratty, but start being a little moody and have problems in focusing my thoughts, easily distracted, etc. the usual stuff. Master spent some of his morning time with me, in bed, just talking, no physical sex. Then he said that I am his greatest and closest support, this was said with love and appreciation, and he meant it ... of course. This was so lovely, it will brighten up more than just this day. To have your partner say that to you is incredible. There was more, sure, but since usually I have this idea that Master is the one who gives me strength and supports me, it is special and lovely to hear that being said by him to me.
If you have read one or two of my texts (not the ones about chickens or trouble-making), you already know that we believe in communication as one of the keys to making a relationship work. Therefore, you can easily guess that we also show our love to each other verbally, not only physically. We talk about everything and still, that Master said that I am his greatest and closest support, felt different, it struck the right chord in me. Lovely.

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