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Friday, December 6, 2013

Masters have triggers too ?!

Currently I am alone at home, not too busy at the moment and I thought I'd write two lines about my Master, about one observation that I have made concerning him.There are situations, where I can feel or see that Master enjoys them more than other moments or more than I could. Often, these are activities which I would not even like to have to do.
For example he loves deciding whenever the possibility is there. Deciding for himself, in his company, definitely deciding for me. I am glad about that, because I am always indecisive and often enough, deciding is more like a burden (This does not refer to shopping!) and I am glad that I don't have to do that all the time. Master, in contrast, loves decision-making, you can really see it in his face and mood, he enjoys that. It is the same with other things that he does, and obviously enjoys doing. Being protective, guiding, leading are all typical activities which leave Master invigorated, it is like pushing a button for extra energy.
That's why I thought these are some of his triggers, just like I have mine. I sometimes have the impression, that he is like a tomcat, playful most of the time, but then the mouse comes in sight, and even if he is not hungry, he will surely play with it, with vehemence and full of joy, because it is natural for him to do it.
I am not thinking about physical attraction here yet, for example when I am naked in front of my Master, or perform duties for him, maybe in sexually alluring ways, which works well, too, but these are probably triggers that work for every man, not only for dominants ...


  1. Oh yes, Doms have triggers too. Couple of days ago I was doing some duty free shopping on an airport and a woman approached me to advise me what perfume not to choose for my wife. But she was addressing me with "Sir" all the time. I was not attracted to her, not at all. But this was a trigger.

  2. Hello Sir,
    I can imagine that situation all too well, my Master would probably feel the same like you, just as it would be normal for me to respond with 'Sir' to men who have this certain air around them.


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