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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

one night out with friends

Last night was girls’ night. There always is a certain ritual bound to it. First meeting at one of our places, possibly with some warm-up drinks (not for me though, I stick to non-alcoholic stuff for most of the evening), once everybody arrived, we go to a restaurant, where even I have a glas of wine, later on we find a place to dance and enjoy ourselves. No worries, just fun, time to talk, terrific, we all love that. 
That was Monday, not the weekend, so the places you go to are not overcrowded and none of us could stay up till dawn, because most of my friends have jobs which keep them busy during the week, so that being up late could cause problems. I would not like being up and out of the house too long either, because Master is easily worried too, when he does not know that I am safe at home. Actually this is one of the main reasons that I got my cell phone :))) . But I can understand that he is worried, because it is the same the other way round, when he is out late, I cannot sleep well and I always just hope that all is well. Silly, but that’s the way it is with us.
During our time in the restaurant, we had nice meals, desserts included. That was when Sue (not the real name) told Kim ‘You can have this. I can’t eat this, it just adds to my hips.” That was a queer remark which really puzzled me. All of us looked at her and Kim, because everybody had heard it. How could she possibly say something so insensitive? I asked her, how she could say such a thing, because I thought it was almost rude towards Kim, not because of any weight-problems, just because of what she had tried to imply with it. It could have been meant cheeky, but then the tone would have been different, or eye-contact and accompanying gestures or facial expressions. Well, Sue was a little bitchy that evening, but all in all still within limits. Kim simply shrugged it off, I think that was because I had interfered and the matter was settled with that. Nevertheless, I don't think that anybody should say such things to somebody else. Everybody could be misunderstood and then you talk and hopefully laugh about it and all is fine again, but doing this intentionally is pretty disrespectful.
Sue is not stupid and knows her words, therefore I am sure she had a bitchy moment. If it had been me, I know there would have been consequences for spoiling the fun. But Sue is not into discipline, and would not even have a partner who could do that for her, though I am sure she would benefit from it. 
Anyway, after this incident everything went back to normal, we had a lovely night, with plenty of time to talk, catch up about what is going on in our lives and more fun afterwards. When I finally was back home, Master was still awake, and although it had been around 2 am, he was very pleased, because I had enjoyed myself well and was back in one piece. No broken finger (has happened once after such an evening), no argument with a friend (has happened more than once, because we are sometimes hotheaded, but never for long), nobody who tried to harass any of us (has happened more than once), no losing way, because I was the driver (has happened once, they never let me drive anymore), so all in all, only a lovely night out. ... And my two friends have talked about this silly remark too, by now, so all fine and back to normal.


  1. I love girl's night out! I'm glad you had fun despite the insensitive remark by one of the ladies. I would much rather go out on weekdays too. I hate crowds and waiting.

  2. Hi Betsy, I am probably faaaaar too late to say thank you for stopping by and commenting. The good thing is, now, in retrospect, I can say that we still are all best friends. But the remark was really mean at that time, but it is all forgotten by now. We already plan another night out, but that will not be too soon. :( It will definitely a weekday again, because we also find it more relaxing then.
    I am really sorry that I didn't answer before and thank you once more.


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