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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh no, she has found out how to create links!

Well, it only took four months until I have finally seen that there is this button saying Link.
I don't know what the others are good for yet, but I'll learn. ... Wait until I have learned to imbed pictures .... :) 
I thought it would be nice to arrange my hitherto rambling into different categories, so this is my first attempt at creating a directory for my own blog. And I am a bit proud of myself now (after four months).
My little table of contents does not cover all texts and some would also fit in another category. Nevertheless, at least there is a directory now.


Why do I submit?
My triggers which lead to me feeling more consciously submissive
Wife and Hubby in a car - basic behaviour
Masters have triggers too?!
Behaviour in public and at home
Feeling guilty, forgiveness and therapeutic spanking
Self-esteem, control, BDSM and our personal blend

intimacy and emotional states

Perfect moments
Blocking your partner emotionally
Feeling guilty, forgiveness and therapeutic spanking
Self-esteem, control, BDSM and our personal blend

trouble with rules and punishments

Oh look, there's trouble ahead - let's get there!
Have you locked the door? yes, wait oh no,damn it, I'll go get the cane, Sir
I worked against the rules - I got spanked and I am grateful for it - and I mean it!
The punishment of speedster girl - thoughts after the glow
Spectacular blunder – a punishment well-deserved
The girl who can screw things up is at work again
Go get the brush and arnica


Earn your reward, little one
Being taught a lesson in humility
Give me sex - no wait, chocolate, no sex, I don't know anymore, I am all lost atm
Sexually frustrated meets horny

Release, release, release, hallelujah
What I enjoy about pain - what I hate about it
The quality dominant


What's your fetish?
The moment of 'hands down!'
The new cane - a treat
Master's pain production inc. and sub's scaredy-cat unlimited
DD or D/s what led you into doing that?
Aftercare - do it, please, please, pleaseTrust
Strange day here we come
When is a scene good?

Abuse versus consent

The dominant in a scene and why Paris of Troy is a wimp

teasing your partner

Tease him, you naughty girls!
Oh, look, my hair is so long - Oh, I undress immediately for you, Sir !


Looking for Mr Right – is he a good or a bad guy?
What makes a/our relationship work?

women and men

Why some women can let go and others can’t
"I love your bum!" "I am not FAT!"
How do we share emotionally?
11 prejudices and stereotypes that I had to deal with this year
How bad can men and women be at being themselves?
Opposites attract - loving the 'different'
 Where is my dictionary woman-man / man-woman?


12+ embarrassing moments
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Pain jokes
11 prejudices and stereotypes that I had to deal with this year

communication / transactional analysis

Why did he do that? Why did I behave like that?

pms and how we deal with it

emotional crisis and chaos? yes, she lives here...


poetry: W.B. Yeats: lake isle of Innisfree
poetry: Sassoon and Shakespeare
poetry: Shelley and Heaney


soft music during sessions
favourite songs (short version)

incomprehensible for most, a challenge for others...

silly girls are scared about the unknown, the others are just too curious to stop opening wrapped boxes

my favourite external links dealing with DD

Discipline and Love
A domestic discipline society
My bottom smarts

According to what I wrote about most, it is official now, I am a sex-possessed submissive rulebreaker with communication skills.

Edit: Ava, thank you once more, now the directory looks far better than before


  1. You can also rename your links so just the title (and not the entire link) appears. Blogger automatically puts the link under "text to display" but you can change it to what you like ... ava x

  2. Hi Ava,
    thank you, i am a complete catastrophy with computer stuff, therefore i need a bit longer for it, but it would look far nicer to have the title instead of the link, so I'll change that soon :)


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