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Thursday, January 16, 2014

My 2nd ballerina upload

This is another of mine. The original reason why I made this was to have a nice drawing pattern for kids to draw into. Tomorrow my nieces will be here and they love colouring all kinds of shapes. Usually that's a good starter and a few minutes later they invade our workshop where we have some easels and then the real fun starts when they paint freely, it's guaranteed that they use bright acrylics then.

I hope I don't bore you with these, but there will be one or two more dancers. I'd like to sketch some tango dancers, but don't know if my poor paper will do for that, because usually I imagine men and women dancing tango in very dark colours. But the white paper I need for that will not be here before the weekend, I guess, so I'll just try and see what I can do. The dancer above was a quick sketch, which also explains the degas-esque look of her. The term was coined by Ava Grace .
But I won't bother you with many more of my drawings, because blogging texts is what I like best here. Therefore I'll return to writing soon again.

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