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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

13 things that I have allegedly said

It wouldn't be nice to post hubby's quotes but leave out the things that I have said ... allegedly, according to hubby.
And this is more fun than the last two posts, so I squeezed it quickly in here!

1. I won't chase you like a little girl to get my knickers. I am a big girl, so give me my big girl knickers. (Everybody can imagine where this started)

2. Every word that started with an 'a' was true. (->... I am all done with the cleaning)

3. I am Erica. I will return home any minute. No reason to worry. (I love 'Being Erica',  it still is my favourite, though I might replace it with Downton Abbey soon)

4. I am not spoiled. I just like good quality.

5. Choooocolaaaate ! (walking towards it, like a mummy, arms forward)

6. Where am I?

7. You're not going to use that on me, are you? Oh, you are?!

8. What do you mean, I could have asked? I didn't know I had that option.

9. If I were you, I'd rather be me, too.

10. It's only a little dent. It's not worth mentioning. (This does not work at all as an excuse! Believe me, I tried three times)

11. How could I know they put a lamppost there?!

12. No, my bottom does not flirt with disaster. Oh, it does?

13. I, driving car: Don't be afraid, live your life to the full!
Hubby: Yeah, who wants to live forever?!

Need a present idea?
If you still have time, until you need the next present for your love, take paper and pen, start collecting the strange and funny things he or she says. Keep it secret, so that your love will not find you out, because it is meant to be a surprise.
Hubby and I did that independently from each other in different years. It was great fun and you'll be surprised what strange things you or your partner really say. We wrote down the date and situation, took pictures and turned everything into two nice books.
This is still one of the favourite presents I got and made. But you really need a little discipline for it.


  1. Hi Anonymous,
    it really is a lot of fun to do. I collected a whole year and I absolutely think it was worth it. But it is really difficult at times, to keep it secret.



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