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Thursday, January 9, 2014

10 quotes from my husband and Master

He has used them all on me several times.

1. Per Mare, Per Terram (for carefree bedroom moments)  : )

2. It builds character (He took that one from Calvin and Hobbes but denies that, even though I read it there, too)

3. I'm gonna pave the stairway to heaven for you - bring me the riding crop

4. Wild thing, you make my heart sing  ... Wild thing, I think I love you (Master is humming some melody with that and he also used other lines which I forgot, so it must be from a song, but I cannot ask him, because he doesn't know about this list - yet; this one is bedroom humming)

5. You are in trouble deep (I love the sound of this quote, but not its meaning)

6. I know what you need right now, young lady! (oh my, I have learned to love and dislike this one)

7. A disciplined wife is a happy wife (well, I'd like to object, but I simply cannot)

8. Don't you agree (used exclusively with a sardonic smile when he knows that I do not really want to agree though I also know that he is right and have to)

9. A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds.(usually followed by) ... Come here my little garden. (before the real punishment procedure starts)

10. You're cruisin' for a bruisin' (I'll write about that another time, but it is a nice warning of his)

I've got five texts in the making and all I could come up with before the weekend starts, was another list, that's brilliant :) I need the weekend with hubby.

But at least I did not come up with allusions to wrapped presents again, because whenever I start writing about those, I become incomprehensible. See? it happened again.

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