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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sue and Martin II - The morning after

That’s my attempt of a sequel for ‘You didn’t go there wearing these colours’.

When Sue woke up the next morning, she needed a moment to remember where she actually was. As she sat up in the cozy hotel room bed, she smelled strong, black coffee. Martin sat on the bed’s corner, switching off the tv-set. He smiled at her, “Good morning my love. What about some coffee?” He held his cup close to her nose and she followed every move he made with the deliciously steaming cup until she finally laid hands on it. After her first sip her memories returned, and the unpleasant pain in her bottom. ’I have been such a stupid cow. Matching colours are overrated!’ It all returned, her failures, the disappointment she had caused, and how stupid she had been. But she also felt a certain kind of peace, because she had been made accountable for her stupid mistake. In the back of her mind she relived last night’s punishment, every single stroke of it, and also the sweet caress that followed. She had made amends, more was not possible for her, and she knew it.

Sue thought about her two friends and hoped they were ok. “Martin, thank you for last night. I understand how silly I have been. But I’d like to call my friends to see if they are all right.” Martin looked a moment too long at her, which Sue found queer. “Sue, they are ok. It is early and they’ll be asleep. Instead of worrying about them now, you should rather get dressed and have a quick breakfast before we leave.” She nodded. He was right, it was only six am. ‘Why was he up that early anyway? Why did he wear yesterday’s clothes? He must have had a bad night.’ Sue felt a sort of tense restlessness around Martin this morning, and her wondering whether she had perceived that correctly, let her forget to ask about his night. She considered her options. Shower, breakfast, airport, London. “Yes, ok, I’ll be quick. I can’t wait to go back to London. I haven’t been there for ages.” 
She stood up, naked as she had been when she went to bed. She quickly grabbed a hair ribbon and tied her hair together in a lose bun. Absorbed by her morning routine, she did not even notice that she was enchanting him with her naked, delicate skin, and that Martin’s gaze followed her, scrutinizing her from head to toe and stopping at her bottom as she turned to the bathroom. Her buttocks were still rather bruised. ‘What a cute reminder. I’ll enjoy watching her bum even more for the next days, until the bruises vanish again’, Martin mused as he followed her every movement with his eyes. He had been hard on her and hopefully she had learned that lesson. There would still be lots of trouble ahead until they disappeared forever. Sue had no idea yet. If the others found her, they’d have him as well, because he would not let them harm her. His face became fierce and animal-like as he thought about the others. 
… And he brushed his thoughts away, because Sue’s bruised bottom, her slender, feminine shape, her gorgeous breasts and the gaiety of her steps worked their magic on him. “Nice bruises, nice bottom. If we had no boat to reach, I’d not let you out of here until you cried for mercy and for more at the same time.” He grinned at her as she paraded along the bed. Teasingly, she let her hip swing once more, before she disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door. An instant later, she opened it again and viewed him with round, innocent but questioning eyes “What do you mean, ‘a boat’? I thought we’d go by plane and we had some time left?” Martin shook his head “Change of plans. The flight is cancelled and we go by boat. You’ll love it, it’s a fisherman’s boat, and he is a really nice guy. We can trust him. It will take a little longer to get to London, but it will be worth it.” He breathed in deeply, as if he was inhaling cigarette smoke. ‘And it will be safer’ he thought. Satisfied, Sue just nodded with a tantalizing smile and closed the bathroom door. Martin noticed it, looked at the closed door and considered his options. She was such a tease at times, sometimes deliberately, but most times unintentionally.

He shook his head with a hidden smile and used the time to check the contents of his black bag. There was enough ammunition in it to defend against an army. He put one of the pistols from the bag under his shirt. This would only help if the others had to improvise. Though, if Sue and Martin remained in this place much longer, the others would just use a bomb and his pistol would be useless.

A short time later the two of them left the hotel. Martin had made sure that there was no colour on Sue that could raise suspicions or anger. She was wearing a simple black dress and her black sandals. Sue was not too happy about this outfit early in the morning, but she had also seen Martin’s face, when they left the building. Something was not the way it was supposed to be and if he had a worried look, she should be close to panic, because Martin was rarely visibly worried. “Martin, what’s wrong with you? Did I do anything? Are you angry with me?” He looked at her quickly and gave her a quick kiss that was meant to reassure Sue, before he scanned the surrounding area with his eyes again. Sue felt insecure, as if she was walking around in a maze, blindfolded. All she knew was that she could trust Martin. But he had never been that taciturn before. Accordingly, his behaviour made Sue more nervous than before, though she trusted him enough to push most of this away again.

The streets were still empty, as it was so early in the morning. Martin nodded to the concierge as they entered the taxi that was waiting for them. It was a safe one, Martin had cleared the details and if it had been possible, he would have stayed in this car until they had reached England, because the driver and the car were there for inconspicuous military personnel transports only. They’d need this safe car, and Martin knew that their hunters were close. But if they did not want any additional attention, they had to behave like tourists. Therefore, they drove through Belfast, leisurely, like tourists did. Silently he wanted to curse the city for a moment, but then again, he had always been thrilled by the atmosphere of it. No, he couldn’t curse it. He loved Belfast and he had enjoyed every minute of being here, though now everything was different, because he had his loved one with him, in unexpected danger.

While Martin was lost in his thoughts about her, Sue looked out of the window. As was her habit when thinking about events that troubled her, she had problems with focusing on one topic. ‘What a lovely city. Full of life and excitement, well, and obviously with some danger, too. What was it that worried Martin?’ She looked at him, only to see that he had studied her closely. “Hey, what is it? Why are you so troubled? Martin, if there is anything wrong, you have to tell me. I am not a small child and want to know what’s going on. Please.” She added quickly, because she knew exactly that he’d not allow her to push him, and she did not want a second round with the belt either. Not even a romantic spanking by hand, until her bottom felt much better, she conceded.

Martin pressed his lips together for a moment and nodded, as if he had finally reached a decision. “Sue, we are not safe until we have reached the boat. I am just a little overcautious, because I don’t want you to be hurt. If you do as told, we’ll be safe and away in no time. 
Look there, the boat is almost in sight. We can go on board immediately and leave. You’ll enjoy the trip, because we’ll have great weather. And once on board, we’ll do fine.” He smiled at her, and Sue observed with pleasure that his confident self returned. Sue loved and adored him this way. A little more of it and he’d have her beg for making love, even if the whole world watched, or a fisherman.

Martin could distract her thoughts so easily, and she was always so willing when it came to that, at least that was one of his ideas about her. Sue, on the other hand, was always willing to play along, although she had noticed that sudden change of topic. But she had also long accepted that she simply could not resist this man in any way. She was an open book and absolutely defenceless, and both of them knew it. Well, in a way it was part of the attraction that he felt for her, this knowledge of unlimited trust from her side, this deep love and greed for being with him. Martin had not found out so far why she was this way, because she also had a characteristic that he had only observed by soldiers who had survived deadly attacks almost unscathed. She was greedy for life to the extreme. A rollercoaster ride? She’d take it, although she hated them. Climbing mountains? She’d do it, because she hadn’t tried that. Scuba diving? Absolutely hers, even more so, with sharks around her. Then again, she’d see a spider and run from it. He could read what was going on in her and he knew how she functioned, but then again, he was aware that she was a mystery and he understood nothing.

Martin always felt how much she loved him, and he knew that she was trusting him beyond reason. He was no saint, had done things in his job that let him detest himself. And then there was this awesome beauty with her sweetness, her doe-eyes, her willingness to believe in him, with her unconditional love and her zest for life. That was the core of her being. She did everything for him, and it was unconditional. He also knew that he held her soul in his hand, because of this ocean of love that she had reserved exclusively for him. On this warm summer morning in Belfast, with deadly danger closing in as they were on their way to the harbour, he looked at her from the side again and realized just how lucky he was and to what lengths he would have to go to protect her from harm.
Martin’s idea about her was that she wasn’t aware of how easily she could be harmed because of her too trusting nature. She had been harmed in the past and she wore a few scars on her soul from that. But he was surprised every time they spent time together, how well she healed. For him, she was awesome, she was magic, and he would make sure she’d be safe, no matter what it would take. As he looked along the row of shabby, grey city buildings, they passed, he admitted to himself his willingness to wade through a pool of blood that he had filled with the blood of those fools who dared standing between Sue and himself. He had the means and he had the will. What he underestimated was Sue’s willingness, to do exactly the same for him. They were two lovers in their own little world. And currently this world was threatened by ‘the others’.

As they left the car, Martin tapped the driver on the shoulder and signalled to stay there until the boat was gone. If there were signs of the others, the driver would call Martin, because then the boat would have to go elsewhere. He hoped they would be spared from changing their plans again. They left the harbour. There were some vessels preparing to leave, but theirs was the only fishing boat that left the area at this time. Martin cursed his stupidity. ‘I should have sought out another way. The boat was out too late. The airport had been no option, because they would have recognized Sue. They would have seen me. They would have found a way to stop us, either in Belfast or in England.’ He had seen that happen once. It never made it’s way into the news as an assassination. The report only spoke about a tragic car accident, in the middle of London. Martin would not let that happen to her. She didn’t even know what avalanche of sectarian violence she had set off, and as far as Martin was concerned, it would stay that way. If only he had an idea what Sue’s two friends might have told their torturers before they had been killed.

Sue enjoyed the cool breeze of a day that promised to become very hot. As they passed the remains of Belfast’s once so glorious shipping industry, there were only the noises from the boat and from the docks. She had always wanted to go to the docks and watch the workers. Now, she had doubts that would ever happen. With a little bit of melancholy, she looked at the mix of old reddish brick buildings and a few new, but rather out of place workshops along the pier. At that time of the day there were only few workers, some just stood there and followed them with their eyes as they left the harbour slowly.
She heard Martin’s mobile ring. “Yeah? Ok, good to know, thanks, bye” Sue asked Martin “Who was it?” but he did not answer. Ah, she saw Martin’s professional face expression. His was a poker face, whenever he needed one and she knew she barely stood a chance at even guessing what he thought when he shut her out like that. Sue usually loved it when he was business-like, but here, she felt ignored in this moment, and that was something she hated, though she also knew he would not act like this without reason. Not towards her. Therefore, even if he did behave strangely, Sue always had the feeling of love and could trust Martin completely. And she never felt in danger with Martin around, just like she was never afraid of being left by him. Sue was not good at assessing people, but she knew Martin well. In fact, this man was the only man she understood. When she needed help, he’d be either there, or had died trying. She knew that, because she’d do the same for him. Their love to each other ran so deep, it would outlast any problem. This was all reassurance she ever needed and nothing else could bother her with Martin as a backup.
He had this focused attitude which she also loved, went to the fisherman and told him something. The man nodded and Sue felt how the boat changed direction. Almost directly into the sun. How romantic. As Martin came back to her, he was finally smiling, though still with his professional reserved attitude. “To the south there will be bad weather. We’ll have to take another route across. It’ll be a bit shorter than I had thought.” Sue didn’t worry. If Martin had a plan, all would be ok. After all, she knew well that he planned almost everything and therefore always had alternatives at hand. So, if the plane was cancelled, the weather in the south was bad, it was only to be expected that he’d have another route to England. What a nice trip this could be. Actually, their delay would give her plenty of time to seduce him. She smiled when this thought popped up. “Martin, I only have city clothes with me, but I have a short top and skirt in my suitcase, and it is getting really warm here, could I change, please?” Martin grinned at her, his open self was back. “Love, downstairs you’ll only find dirty smelly places, you’d have to do it here, on deck. Do you want that?”

As an answer Sue opened her suitcase took out her clothes and slowly hitched her dress up, until her stocking tops were visible. “Why not?” she saw him interested, and for a moment he stopped breathing. ‘If you want a challenge, you can have it!’ Smiling seductively, she never let her eyes wander away from him, as she slowly undid her stockings, rolled them down in slow motion and took them off. She stood at the ship’s bow and could see the fisherman behind Martin, steering. His eyes rested on her, just like Martin’s, who leaned against a box and waited what she would do next. ‘Would she undress completely? Nah, she wouldn’t, not with the captain present’, Martin told himself, but her movement spoke another language. Sue enjoyed Martin’s attention. She had him and knew it. Instead of putting on the short red cotton skirt, she slowly undid the zipper of her dress. Very slowly she peeled her left arm out of the dress to present naked skin. She turned around, away from Martin and the fisherman. With slight, wriggling moves she peeled her right arm out and felt her dress sag down. She still held it high enough, and she was also wearing a bra, but her back and parts of her suspender belt were visible. Very slowly she drove the fingers along her naked skin and opened the suspender belt with two fingers, shook her hip and let it slide down. A quick glance to Martin showed her that he was focused on her. Oh, the fisherman was focused, too. ‘Well, why not? He is in his little captain’s cabin and can only see me. Martin could come over and touch me. If only he would’, Sue thought. She turned away, so that Martin and the fisherman would only see her backside. She let her dress go and it fell down. She heard Martin clear his throat, accompanied by the soothing sound of the boat’s slowly working machine. Very slowly she took up her top and put it on in slow motion. Sue wished for Martin to come over and caress her. And her wish came true, as if he had heard her thoughts. She listened to his slow steps coming closer and felt his embrace from behind. A wave of pleasant heat ran like a ripple from her most vulnerable spot away into the tips of each hair. He caressed her breasts which were sort of directing the ship’s way to safety. Slowly, Martin kissed his way up, from the neck to her ear, to the cheek and as she turned to him and put her arms around him, her lips found his. She felt this peculiar tingling in her stomach and inhaled Martin’s smell. Masculine, fresh, now salty, as his smell mixed with the air, there was this smell of old, worn leather on him. This was from his old leather jacket which he had let fall where she had seen him only seconds earlier. She dug her nose into his skin to get more of this exquisite mix. She caught a little bit of his cologne, a very volatile smell that reminded her of what the blue sky possibly could smell like. She tried again. She wanted to breathe Martin in completely, forever. Sue felt that Martin did the same with her. But unexpectedly early he took his head slowly up to her ear and softly whispered “Sue, you are a tease. You know that we can’t do anything here on board, but over-exciting the poor captain was not nice. If you hadn’t worn a bra and turned around then, I would have given him an additional show, by spanking you for indecent behaviour, my love.” “Ouch!” Martin had just given her a single sample of what could have been, and Sue was not sure if she should not go to some length to get right then what Martin had suggested. As the pain from the single swat ebbed away slowly, she reconsidered again, because her bottom was still far too sore to accept Martin’s hidden offer.

Throughout the following three hours on sea, they only saw a few ferries and transport vessels. There even was another motor boat, far away and sometimes bopping in and out of sight. For Martin this motor boat had been following them too long on a route which normally nobody would use to cross the sea from Belfast. They couldn’t do anything but wait and see. For Sue, everything was very picturesque, and she used the time to sun bathe while Martin talked to the fisherman. When they finally reached a tiny little harbour, somewhere in nowhere, on a warm and pleasant mid-morning, Sue was as disappointed as could be. There were a few old shabby industry buildings, an old ship’s landing, a huge, dirty car park and a road that came out of nowhere and led away into nowhere. At least there were pleasant hills everywhere in the background and created a scenery that would have been charming and adorable, if there hadn’t been the old buildings and the car park, that is. 

“Where are we? What place is this?” Sue frowned. 'Not exactly a holiday resort. This looks more like the end of the civilized world.' They left the boat quickly and as they waved goodbye to the fisherman, they were greeted by a bear-like, red-haired man with a strong Scottish accent. The man looked like the cliché of a Scotsman, the only thing that was not cliché was that he was wearing a pair of dirty jeans instead of the traditional Scottish kilt. ‘Too bad, I’d love to know what he’d wear under it. If everything was as big on him as his hands and arms…’ Sue smiled broadly, in the right moment. One smile was all for herself, as she imagined herself lifting up this man’s kilt, getting red cheeks and afterwards being led away for a spanking by Martin, for indecent behaviour and just so naughty thoughts. 

She sighed deeply as she gave this friendly bear her hand and smiled the other smile, the friendly contact smile of hers. As she greeted him back, she saw another one of those familiar tattoos, half hidden under his t-shirt. It identified this man as being of Martin’s kind. She did not know much about tattoos, but if there was a dagger, wings, a sword, or even a crown in it, she had learned that those meant ‘hardcore military’, as she referred to these soldiers. They’d hide such tattoos in unsafe environments, but among friends, it was a symbol of identity. She had seen that working in different places with Martin and other soldiers. Even if they had never met before, this symbol made them sort of friends, or at least a tight-knit community.

“Welcome to Scotland. My name’s Angus. I am going to bring you away from here.” What a pleasant, sonorous voice he had. They shook hands and Martin immediately inquired about the roads. “Well, the roads south are currently blocked. We can only bring you northwards. But it should be reasonably safe there.” Sue hesitated, felt angst rise slowly and forgot to breathe. “What? Why safe? Why ‘reasonably’? Martin, I want to know. NOW!” She stomped her foot like a little girl having a tantrum. Indeed, she was having one. Martin took her hand tightly and looked at Sue, seriously and sternly, with anger maybe not too far behind. He only gave her a second to calm down. She shut her mouth and tried to refrain from pouting, but her eyes were aflame with anger and frustration because she had no idea of what was going on in a place somewhere in Scottish nowhere.

“Excuse us, Angus, we’ll be back in a moment and can continue our journey then. Just a word, please!” This was getting serious. Martin led her away, a few meters closer to the calm Irish sea. Sue felt herself shrinking as she saw that Martin would scold her right now, with Angus being in earshot. She thought about trying to pull away from him, but didn’t, because that would be so silly and would only let her appear more like a little girl having a temper tantrum. She knew the rules but could not think clearly for now. It was probably the effect Martin’s tense behaviour had. Maybe others would not notice his change in behaviour, but she would.

“Come with me, unless you want to be seen by Angus. It’ll be bad enough that he’ll probably hear you in a minute! But I am surely not willing to accept your disrespectful behaviour and you’ll be spanked now. Here, right on the shore and in the presence of anybody who cares to see you squirm and cry. You think the spanking in Belfast was severe? You have no idea what the next one will feel like, if you go on behaving like a brat. I hope I made myself clear, young Lady!” Martin let out his breath, gazed at her with this strict and serious look that would ultimately turn her on, turned away and pulled her with him further down to the little stretch of brown-earthed beach. Sue never made a sound. She simply followed Martin’s lead, because she wouldn’t do anything to make him angry now. She still felt her bum being tender from Belfast and now she would get another lesson. Inwardly, she scolded herself for behaving like a silly cow, and in the presence of a stranger, to make matters worse. All the same, if it hadn't been for her tender bum and Angus, she would have embraced the way it would undeniably reconnect them.

Martin steered them to a group of rocks, right at the waterfront. Under different circumstances, this corner of Scotland would have made a nice spot for a romantic time. And Sue could even see the motor boat again. But now, it was only the spot of Sue’s first punishment, ever, in Scotland. Martin sat down, pulled Sue’s skirt up and her knickers down. “Over my knees!” he commanded strictly. Sue did as told and Martin was not waiting long for her to settle down. She was barely in position, when she felt the first swat swat and almost shattered to pieces from the pain. Her still tender bottom couldn’t possibly take that. “Nooo, Martin, owwww, this is too much!  Ooowwww, I. can’t. take. It. OOOWWWWW! Martin spanked on. She heard the peculiar sound of the spanking, swat, swat, swat, mixed with the noise from the sea and the gulls. Or was it her? The strokes were rapidly falling on her bottom, as she tried in vain to relax all muscles. Her tears were all over her cheeks, dripped down on the ground. She heard herself groan repeatedly and Martin’s breath, as he continued working her tender bottom. Sue made every effort, not to wriggle too much, but to no avail. Martin held her tightly, he did not lecture her and she would not have understood a single syllable if he had. She felt her bottom in flames. Painful explosion after explosion gave Sue the feeling to faint. If only! She felt every bit of pain far more than usual. Sue accepted the inevitable. 

It would go on, until Martin had decided that she had understood. The pain was harsh and made it harder than usual for her, but something inside lost its sharp edge. In this pain, she felt growing peace. Her acceptance was there for good. She did not consciously notice it, but Martin felt her whole body relax. And he knew so well what that meant. This was the signal he had waited for. It was not a sign that he had beaten her into submission, because he would not do that to her. Instead, her growing limp, her relaxing was the sign she would not hide from him. She was her real self again. No anger, no resentment, no tantrum. He might have to face a fierce discussion, because he had seen the lovely bruises of hers and she might scold him for spanking her in this moment. But she would do it like a reasonable woman, not like a spoiled brat, and in return, he would accept any verdict she’d deem appropriate. He grinned inwardly. This would not mean him being spanked, but if she demanded a sort of amends, he would give that to her, in recognition of the difficult situation and because he loved her and wanted to see her happy in the long run.

He mused on, with Sue still across his lap, though he had stopped spanking her. Both of them needed a moment to recover. Martin used the time to assess how long the motor boat would take till it would be here. Finally, he helped her up and held her tightly. After a short while she drew her knickers up, with her bottom so much on fire that she was not sure whether she really wanted to pull her skirt down and add to the effect. But she did, as Martin waited for her. She had winced from the pain as she pulled her skirt down, and she had her peculiar ‘severe spanking’ walk, as Martin helped her back to the road. Martin marvelled at the transformation that he had seen happen in her within the last few minutes. If anything, Sue was at peace. Her eyes sparkled, full of life, even more so, after Martin had wiped away her ruined make-up around the eyes. “Thank you, Martin. I am sorry for my tantrum. But you have been mean to my bottom! Hey, I’d like to go swimming, to cool it. Could we go here? No?” She couldn’t help it but had to smile and gave him a tender kiss. Finally, they’d go on, away from danger. Angus had been waiting patiently and tried ostensibly to remain neutral about what had happened.

Ooops, it's a bit lengthy. Sorry for that


  1. I really like this! The love between Sue and Martin is very evident :-) Are you going to write a part 3?

  2. Hi River, thank you, since I have never written anything that was read by more than hubby or a teacher, this means a lot to me. I think it might need some time, but I'll try to write more. I also want to know what Scotsmen wear under their kilts :-)



  3. Wow Nina, this is a wonderful story, really enjoyed this. You should definitely write more!:)


  4. Roz, thank you, I appreciate that so much. It'll take some time, but I'll try to come up with another part. I have some more ideas about Sue and Martin, though I have to figure out how I really want to go on with it. But it's great that you enjoyed it :)




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