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Monday, April 14, 2014

We have almost made it through week 15 :)

There's water?

Today has been long, I have been pretty busy and I really feel it ... and see it. Arrrgh, there's water in my legs, I mean a little more than usual. But not as I have seen in other pregnant women's legs and hands. Nothing to worry, though, for pregnants this is normal and if I stand most of the day, well, what else should happen?! This time it might just be the usual reaction after a long day without resting your feet for a moment.  And the good news is, often it starts only maybe around the middle of your pregnancy.

Therefore, I thought one or two ideas to help you cope with additional water might be neat.

1. Eat water melon. Not all the time, but as far as I know, it is a diuretic and might help to get rid of some water in your feet, legs or fingers. My problem with water melon is that I don't have to worry leaving the bathroom at all then. Therefore, my idea was to put a huge pile of magazines next to the loo, because the number of bathroom visits in a day is never-ending.

2. If you feel your face is slightly swollen, e.g. around the eyes, well, yes, you are right. :) I have not yet talked to my doc about it, but two of my friends have said that this became better when they slept with their head and upper body only slightly higher than before. I haven't tried it yet, but will tell you soon.

3. Making circle moves with your arms or legs can help a lot, too. And don't forget to remove your rings early enough, before the fingers are swollen and it has become impossible to do so. :-) I look at my fingers every morning, take my marriage ring off and then put it back on. But I have a little necklace for my marriage ring and will wear it as a little pendant, if necessary.

4. Since water can be a major problem in your legs, resting the legs higher can be very useful, too.


I have not consciously felt any kicks yet, but that's pretty normal. I have seen baby kick, but not felt it yet. Maybe I have and thought it was gas? I don't know. 

Nevertheless, since baby is there, I have started talking to her. Uhm I don't do it when I am with others, apart from good friends, because they understand me, and that I want to bond to baby. Well, they also know that I am queer, so there is no reason for me, to hide anything. But there is another reason, though I have not made sure if it is true: somebody has found out that talking to babies inside moms has a positive effect on their language skills. Since we hope that baby will be better in English and German than mommy and daddy, I better talk a lot to baby. I guess it is similar to the beneficial effect that music has on babies.

The magical barrier

Hey, baby and I have made it almost through week 15 so far and we feel good and I mean really good, like in excellent.  Chances go up with every passing day, there are no medical problems so far and although I still have an uneasy feeling now and then, we are very hopeful, that all will be good for us this time. 

I am not really able to talk much  about my miscarriages, and don't want to, especially not in these months, but if anything, I can tell you that just mentioning it, has become a lot easier recently. Since we are rather positive and the doubts and fears recede more and more into the background, I sort of hope that this time all will be well, because even though everybody says time is a healer, it has been a really slow one for me in the past. But being able to talk about our lost children without being thrown into crisis, is an achievement.

The magic date for us is in two days, when we have passed that, we enter completely new territory and hope that all will end well for baby. That's all we want, it is all that matters.


Baby=her? It is simply easier to write for me that way. We don't want to know baby's gender before she's (<-lol) there. If it is a girl fine, a boy? Just as fine. Healthy baby? Perfect!


  1. The first time I felt my baby inside me it was like bubble wrapping popping under the skin. It took me a while to realise it was that subtle. the second pregnancy I felt the baby moving much earlier because I knew what to expect.
    glad things are going well for you.

  2. Hi DF, I have no idea yet, whether I have felt baby kicking or if it was just digestion. I am constantly trying to figure out what might be kicks, but it is still early enough and therefore I'll just wait and see. Since we know that baby is fine at the moment, waiting for her to move is ok, though I can't wait to feel her :-)



  3. Baby kicking really can feel like gas bubbles! I still, even 8 years after theyoungest child was born, have "phantom" baby kicks. I know it's digestion, but it still feels real :-)

  4. Hi River, I am still waiting to be able to feel the difference, but I imagine that some of gas bubbles might be baby kicks ... though at the moment I guess they are only gas bubbles. I think that I'd love to have phantom baby kicks many years afterwards, now and then. It is such a lovely reminder, lol, unless you cannot be sure about being unexpectedly pregnant, that is. Happy Easter!




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