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Monday, April 7, 2014

News from the loo-natic

So, this is something I really should have mentioned earlier. I think I have written before that you should have panty liners with you. I forgot to mention one little bit. Wherever you go, go to the loo before you leave the house, even if you went only a short time earlier !

There are more news concerning the loo – topic. I have not taken this one piece of advice from my mom and at least three good friends seriously until it was too late …. . Wherever you are, go find the bathroom first! Actually, now that I had a little accident of this kind in town, I’ll definitely plan my next tour through town, not according to what I need to buy, though. Instead I’ll make a loo-hoping tour and see what of the things I need to buy I can get near the loo I have in reach. This is another moment where I am glad my mom does not read this here, btw.  Why do I end up with these things happening to me? Is it in the genes?

Now for something bathroom-free. A friend of ours has told that she had written down much of what she had experienced and felt during her pregnancy. She said that she has read a few times in it during the last years and that she actually had no idea and no memory of what she had written down before. She forgot things. I mean, I know that being forgetful is said to be normal during pregnancy, but she said it was as if her own hand-written memories were completely new to her. She loved most of what she read there and was happy that she had her diary for the time afterwards. She wants to pass it on to her daughter when she is an adult.

Additional information that might please every pregnant woman in the third trimester, or before, if you feel like a giant pumpkin on legs: enjoy that you are not some kind of whale or dolphin, because their gestation period is between 17 to 19 months. Yeah, suddenly I feel really alleviated. :) Haha, I might look like a whale soon, though.


  1. Sorry about your little accident! I hope it wasn't a big noticeable/embarrassing thing and you were able to fix yourself up

    As for keeping a journal about your pregnancy and your child. YES. Do it. You will never regret it and you will definitely
    forget things. I started keeping a journal when I got pregnant for the first time and I have kept it until now (more than 10 years.)
    When I re-read things I wrote them, some of the memories have been forgotten and they stir a memory. It is very special.
    Sometimes it is only a detail or two I forgot and I can smile knowing the memory is now clearer. Sometimes I laugh and other
    times I have tears rolling down my face recalling some sad or traumatic thing that happened. It is my legacy. I have 4 very
    full type written journals that one day my children can read and they will know how much I loved them. How much I sacrificed
    for them and just how precious they were to me. They will know my joys and my worries. They will really know their Mommy
    through my words.

    I hope you will do it.


  2. Sara, I think I will start writing a journal about my pregnancy. In a way I was not sure if I really should, because I am waiting for the 16th week to pass successfully. I know this is completely irrational and everything in me says that there will be no problem this time. According to the doctor chances are very much on our side by now and I should put this negative thought to rest. The sad thought that I had was that I'd have to stop writing into it...
    BUT, this time it all feels good for me. The little things that make everything a bit awkward, show me that all is good and baby is fine, alive and kicking. Well, I can't feel the kicking yet, but that will hopefully start soon. I can't wait for that to happen. Therefore, I will actually do my own journal and since I enjoy being pregnant, I want to write that down, too, and tell baby how much I love her. I like the idea to see this journal as a legacy, it makes it even more valuable not only for me, hopefully for baby, too. I don't know really if I should mention such things like the accident I had, though :) It was a minor one, I think nobody noticed. Phew.

    love .... and a full body-experience hug (they are good for us and I need one now, too :) )



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