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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sure signs that you are pregnant :-)

1. You have just planned and paid your journey around the world

2. The BMI says your weight is currently ideal

3. You don't remember last night 

4. You can't see your feet while standing

5. Someone offers you a seat in public transport

6. Suddenly you like to eat icecream with cheese

7. Your boyfriend has said 'nothing can happen when you pull it out in time'

8. You believe in flowers and bees

9. Everybody wants to touch your belly, even strangers

10. You have naughty thoughts about your partner when he is away, and when he returns, it is all his fault

11. Gardening has a second meaning for you

12. You redecorate the toilet seat in your favourite colour because the bathroom is the place you spend most time of the day in

13. You have the pregnancy test and wish you were colour blind (that's mean)

14. You can't stand watching documentaries about whales

15. Your idea of a perfect party is a nap

16. You can spit like a Llama

17. Mosquitoes love you

18. The only thing you do not forget to do is eating 

19. You have Godzilla's hands and feet but are only 5 feet tall

20. You hope that your breasts will be like that forever


  1. Lol Nina, love No 10 and the last one!:)


  2. Lol, I haven't blamed hubby yet, oh there are so many things to do :), and my breasts have not grown much yet either, but the news from my friends was that even if they grow, it won't be for long, which is unfair.




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