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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


This is very serious and important to me. I think this is a cause everybody should support.


They also have a tumblr page

Sorry, no other entries today. :( But I hope I can blog something more than just links this week. :)


  1. There are far too many of us. :(

    Age 5 "My father does this with my step sister" Neighbor rape
    Age 12 "I didn't touch you. I have no idea what you are talking about" Relative molestation
    Age 19 "Why are you being such a bitch" Date rape

  2. Hello Sara, thank you that you commented, I really appreciate that so much. Even more so since this is such a horrible and sad topic. We had donated once to project-unbreakable, more than a year ago, and then I simply forgot about them. And yesterday I found their tumblr and I really think that it is important to raise awareness to this, out of all topics. Yes, there are too many of us and I am so very sorry that you also had to go through this. I really don't want to bring anybody down here, but since I had my own assault experience, I simply could not stop and felt I had to publish the link. I am sorry if I brought the pictures back, I really am.

    With lots of love and a very big warm hug


    1. You never know when you will be reminded of it whether it is a comment, a post, a picture, a sound or a smell. It's always there but the important part is we are SURVIVORS.

  3. Yes, that's true, all of it. But with blogging I have spent more time online too and have been exposed to it more than usual. From December onwards, especially it has been difficult at times to push these memories back, due to many sad reasons. But you are absolutely right, we are SURVIVORS and the one thing I will never forget is that I am not going to be a victim again, ever.

  4. Horrible and inspiring at the same time - that some people can be so cruel while others choose life and to continue fighting. Thank you for posting. ava x

  5. Hello Ava, thank you for commenting, You are so right, and I really think that they are setting an admirable example of continuing after such horrible events.


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